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All About The Marble Tile (And My Favorite Fall Shoe Trend)

affordable marble tile on pinteresting plans blog

If any of you have renovated your home you know it’s about 9,823 more decisions than you expected.  And while you probably considered what kind of tile you like you, may not have considered all the options within the style you prefer.   I knew I wanted marble tile in at least some of my bathrooms but when it came time to decide – WOW – choices!!    I spent a couple weeks overthinking the tile decisions, and then my contractor asked me about grout colors…AHHH!!!

All About the Marble Tile

Since I did the work of comparing prices and reviews I thought I’d share where I got each tile to perhaps spare some of you a bit of that leg work.  With each marble (or marble look) tile I will share where I put it and why.  I’m happy with all of them though all 3 bathrooms are still a work in process.   I still don’t have any bathrooms with mirrors – but I’m hoping I can soon share some before and after photos of the full project.

Tile 1: Marble Look Tile

more durable than marble tile - porcelain bathroom floor tile on pinteresting plans connecticut lifestyle blog

For my kids’ bathroom I wanted something durable and easy to clean.  With 2 boys, you can guess I’ll be cleaning up lots of poorly aimed pee.  I also figured they would drop things on the floor and real marble is soft so it’s more likely to crack.  This porcelain marble look tile from Home Depot did the trick!  I wondered if the polished finish would make the floor too slippery but we haven’t noticed any issue.

While it doesn’t look exactly like marble it’s a look I am happy with and the price per square foot is really good for the quality.  When I purchased the tile is was $2.69/square foot but right now it’s on special for $1.89 per square foot!!

Leopard footwear is my favorite Fall shoe trend.   Would you believe these leopard booties are under $20?!?!    They’re selling out fast because of it, so I’m linking a few good options below:


Tile 2: Affordable Marble Floor Tile


affordable marble tile on pinteresting plans blog

This 4″x12″ white marble tile is what I put on the floors of our master bathroom.   The tile is more white than it’s appearing in this photo where there’s a slight yellow hue.   At under $6 per square foot I decided to go for real marble in our “adult” bathroom.   Hopefully we are not too klutzy because real marble is soft.

My leopard heels are an older pair by Sam Edelman that have held up well over the years.   Here are some current pairs I’m loving:

Tile 3: Hexagon Marble Tile – Carrara White Mosaic

 marble tile hexagon penny ttile and leopard flats on pinteresting plans connecticut fashion blog

I love how this hexagon marble tile turned out in our downstairs half bathroom.   I actually loved it so much I used the same tile on my master shower floor.  It’s such a mix of grays and white (even a bit of tan) so it really blends well with my neutral decor.   Most of the comparable marble tile I looked at for this space was over $15/square foot so I felt like I was getting a good deal when I purchased this tile for $9.88/square foot.   Right now it’s on sale for even less ($8.70/square foot).

Please note – this photo above is filtered.   This has a bit more tan than is showing here.

And last but not least for my leopard shoe crush – these flats!!!  I always size up .5 in Steve Madden shoes (I find the brand runs snug).    There are plenty of save and splurge options for  leopard flats depending on your budget.

What About Grout?

Because I have cleaned bathroom floor grout on my hands and knees with a toothbrush in the past, I steered away from my usual color choice – white!    I did white grout on my shower walls, which I will be sharing soon, but I did a light gray grout on all of the bathroom floors.   There are specific names of grout brands and colors but that was one decision I didn’t want to overthink so I just told my contractor “light gray please”.   Sorry that’s not too helpful….if you’ve renovated your home you probably recall the volume of decisions can be very overwhelming.    I can see why many people hire professional help!



Thanks so much for stopping by.   If there any specific home posts or questions you have please drop a comment below.  XO

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