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Men’s Amazon Fall Capsule Wardrobe

mens amazon fall casual minimalist capsule wardrobe 2020
mens amazon fall casual minimalist capsule wardrobe 2020

Would your significant other wear t-shirts everyday if he could 😬? For those looking to elevate their style but unsure where to begin, I suggest investing in a capsule wardrobe. I am a huge fan of capsule wardrobes as they give you a foundation for buying only the basics so you’re not over-purchasing. You’ll want to buy pieces that easily mix and match, creating multiple outfits from the same items. I ordered a few things for Chris so I thought it would be helpful to put together a men’s fall capsule wardrobe made up of essential amazon fashion pieces. (You can see the women’s amazon capsule wardrobe – here.)

mens amazon fashion essentials for a fall capsule wardrobe

Sizing: For reference, Chris is just under 6’3″ and around 175 lbs. He has an athletic build. Generally he wears medium in tops and we argue over whether he needs a 32″ or 34″ inseam (I say 34″).

mens amazon utility jacket and khaki pants outfit - fall casual capsule wardrobe 2020
Jacket (medium) // Chambray Shirt (medium) // Joggers (medium) // Sneakers (tts)

These khaki joggers are a great everyday alternative to the classic khaki pants that could lean more towards business casual or a Sunday’s best outfit. Chris is wearing it with this chambray shirt layered under a utility jacket in this really nice olive green color.


fall casual outfit ideas for couples
Rachel’s Outfit: Camo Jacket // Top // 3″ Over the Knee Boots // Blue Light Glasses // Ear Crawlers


fleece camo jacket in a fall casual minimalist wardrobe for men
Camo Hoodie (sized up to a large) // Chambray Shirt (medium) // Joggers (medium) // Sneakers (tts)

These joggers are stylish and acceptable outside the house, making them a men’s closet essential. We went with black joggers since the color can easily be matched. You can’t go wrong with blue denim, black, grey or shades of tan/brown for bottoms. Pants in colors like rust or olive green are nice, but would be more limiting when it comes to pairing with different tops and jackets.


affordable mens fall capsule wardrobe with amazon fashion finds
Rachel’s Outfit: Sweatshirt (small) // Joggers (xs) // Sneakers (tts)

Some would call this athleisure, I call this outfit my current workwear 🙈. I grabbed myself the coordinating his and hers joggers. They are more of a workout friendly material as opposed to terry cloth.


how to create a fall capsule wardrobe for men
Sweater (medium) // Chambray Shirt (medium) // Joggers (medium) // Sneakers (tts)

Here is Chris’ last capsule wardrobe outfit. All the same pieces shown previously, but we added this striped sweater. He could wear the shirt by itself, the sweater by itself or the sweater layered over the chambray shirt as he has above. Just like that, he has 3 separate outfits!


fall casual outfit ideas from mens amazon minimalist capsule wardrobe 2020

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