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Merry Christmas From the Moores

Merry Christmas from Pinteresting plans

Merry Christmas from Pinteresting plans

I wanted to send a quick note of thanks for all your support and wishes for a Merry Christmas (or happy holidays) to you and your family.   This last year brought a lot of change for our family.   Chris started working from home most of the week, which has been such a blessing, and we spent months without a bathroom during our home renovation which is wrapping up Wednesday with a shower door install.   Early in the year Mom went through treatment for breast cancer and recently my Dad had an extended stay in the hospital/nursing home.  Thankfully all of us are now home and soaking up the holidays together.   I hope you are getting to do the same.   I remember the one year I had to work in the hospital on Christmas Day as a staff nurse.  I felt very sad to be apart from my loved ones.

I’ll be reflecting more on on 2018 soon, but in the meantime ENJOY the holidays with your family and know that I’m so grateful for your time.   If there is anything new (or anything that’s getting old) to improve in the new year I always love to hear from you guys.


The Moores

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