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The Power Of Optimism and the Perfect Midi Length Shorts

Loftimist 2020 casual spring outfit idea on Pinteresting plans fashion blog

This post is written in collaboration with Loft. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

In a time when we things feel uncertain and scary I wanted to touch on the power of optimism. Last month I was HONORED that Loft had chosen me as a 2020 Loftimist – someone who sees the bright side of situations. If there’s one thing I recommend training your brain to do – it’s to see the good through the bad. And you CAN train yourself to see the brighter side.

I am not free of fear and worry about the health of both individuals and the economy, but I focus my energy on the things I can change. With nothing on our calendar I’ve been able to tackle several home organization projects that were on my wishlist. Seeing my kids have “reading” time as part of their school day has pushed me back into some really great books. I have connected with friends over Zoom that I probably wouldn’t have seen during these weeks now called “quarantine” because our normal schedules would have been too “busy”. I miss seeing my Dad and I see my former hospital coworkers taking on more stress, but I look for HIDDEN BLESSINGS that come even in the hardest times.

I encourage you to try and focus on what you’ll look back on in 1 year. Most of us tend to fear the future and idealize the past. So a year from now we are likely to miss these long days playing Twister for the 14th time, eating way too many snacks, and taking family drives to no where just for a change of scenery. ENJOY THESE MOMENTS NOW! Being grumpy with worry is not changing the future, just salting the present.

Loftimist 2020 casual spring outfit idea on Pinteresting plans fashion blog

Top (xs) // Shorts (sized down to 0) // Belt (xs) // Sandals (tts) // Earrings // Sunglasses

Several of you mentioned you were looking for a mid length short you could dress up or down.  Here is my pick!  The Riviera short from Loft has a 6” inseam so it’s not so short that your 🍑 hangs out and it’s not so long that it looks too matronly. There are lots of color options. White is hardest to do well so I gave it a try and these are lined! No pockets or underpants peeking through! I sized down to a 0 and the fit is great so consider going down one size from your usual pant size. 

the perfect white mid length shorts for spring on pinteresting plans fashion blog
mid length shorts for moms that aren’t too short or long - Pinteresting plans fashion blog

The top is a great spring print with billowed sleeves. I am wearing xs and paired it with a neutral woven belt (xs) and shoes (tts).  The shoes have just enough heel to be flattering but easily walkable and the color is easy to pair with so many outfits.

Loft floral dot mixed media blouse worn with 6 inch inseam white riviera shorts and braided belt on Rachel Moore - Pinteresting plans blog
the power of optimism and loft spring casual outfit - pinteresting plans fashion blog

What do you do when life gives you lemons? One practice that can help train your brain to find the good is writing a gratitude journal or just sharing 5 things you were grateful for at family dinner each evening. When you force yourself to name 5 things you were grateful for each day it trains your mind to look for the small moments that bring joy. Sometimes these things are so insignificant you could have overlooked them if you weren’t mindfully looking for them.

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Loft is having a 40% OFF SITE WIDE sale right now (code SMILE) so I’ll give a closer look at these pieces on Instagram stories along with a few other pieces I just grabbed. Have a great week!

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