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Modern Vent Hood Cover – Budget Breakdown

modern vent hood cover - budget breakdown
modern vent hood cover

The kitchen felt unfinished to me in the home we are renting for a year. There was no trim on the upper cabinets and I wanted to dress up the stainless steel vent hood cover.

Here is what the kitchen looked like before the updates:

I contacted a local carpenter and showed him a few images of what I was looking to do. Since we are renting the house I didn’t want to add cabinets to the ceiling because of cost. Trim as a good way to make the cabinets looked more polished at a lower price.

Modern Vent Hood Cover BUDGET BREAKDOWN:

  • $1,050 – construct and install range hood box with oak trim at the bottom edge
  • $450 – purchase, paint, and install molding above upper cabinets

These cabinets are painted “DOVE WHITE” (as are the walls and trim in the home). If you are local I used Nova Initia LLC to complete the project and would highly recommend them for carpentry services.

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