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My Go-to Window Treatments

order from home woven wood window treatments
these shades above are the color “Bonaire Flaxen”, my most used it “Capri Ivory”

When you find a household staple that you love and has proven to work time and time again, why switch it up? I’ve used these woven wood blinds in a few dozen rooms and a handful of houses and I still love them. So many of you have also shared your success so I figured it was time to get a post up about them!

The best thing to love about these custom wood shades is the PRICE! By doing the measuring, selections, and install you will save yourself MANY thousands of dollars. I just did window treatments for a 4 bedroom home we are renting, including a wide sliding glass door, for under $3,000. Friends of mine have spent more than that on a single room.

our home in CT where I first used them

Custom Window Treatments

The beauty of these window-treatments is they are custom. So no matter what house, window, or door, I am trying to fit – they work! I’ve had a couple houses down here in Florida with french doors in the bedrooms and living spaces and these window-treatments allow me to fit for both windows and doors. I’ll often switch up color or the light filtering preference depending on the house or room I am designing for. In our bedrooms I prefer them to have a black-out liner.

Here are a few examples of rooms I have used these window treatments in:

My Exact Window Treatment Order:

One of the most common questions in my DMs! So here is how I ordered the majority of my window treatments:

  1. Capri ivory color
  2. Inside mount
  3. Cordless
  4. Flat with valance
  5. Standard headrail
  6. Blackout liner for bedrooms (sometimes light filtering for living spaces but for best privacy use blackout)
  7. Standard no edge binding
    no extras

I hope this is helpful and you love them as much as I do! You can the woven wood shades or order free samples to test the colors in your own home here.

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