Nail Polish Shades 2018 with essie

essie treat love color in a blush spring nail polish shades 2018

I mention on Instagram and Facebook a lot how I cut out manicures as a way to save time and money.    Painting my nails at home allows me to have more enjoyable “me time” (socializing) when I can lock down childcare.   Today I’m sharing the nail polish I’ve been using for the last month.   Essie’s new “Treat, Love, and Color” nail polish has so many great nail polish shades and THEY ACTUALLY LAST!

Nail Polish Shades 2018

Pinteresting Plans Blog sharing favorite Spring Nail Polish Shades 2018 with essie

After starting a blog I became more of a nail person.    Suddenly I saw pictures of my unkept nails or chipping polish and wanted to do better.  I feel better with my nails painted because I actually grew up with a lot of insecurities about my hands.   I was born with partially webbed fingers and toes so I was unnerved for people to notice.  As a child, and especially as a teen, I thought people would think I was some kind of mutant when they saw the webbing.

Now that I’m more comfortable in my own skin, this is something I try to share when relevant because you’d be surprised how many concerned moms have messaged me when I mention this.   I have gotten dozens of messages on Instagram from moms whose babies were born with the same webbing and they were concerned.   If you, or someone you know, has a baby with partially webbed appendages I’m here to tell you they will likely be a great swimmer and they too will outgrow their teenage insecurities.

I had the fingers on my left hand surgically disconnected shortly before I got engaged because I could not comfortably wear rings on my left hand.   I never thought I’d get to be a hand model because of this.   So here’s my time to shine 😉 .  Below is my debut has a hand model sharing my favorite Spring nail polish shades from essie’s Treat, Love, Color line.

Favorite essie Treat, Love, Color Polish: in a blush

essie treat love color in a blush spring nail polish shades 2018

essie Treat, Love, & Color nail polish in shade “in a blush

Since I got these polishes about a month ago I have worn “in a blush” the most.  I prefer pale nail colors.   I find them to be more forgiving when I paint my nails at home.    This “pinked to perfection” (below) is a very light creamy pink so it was another favorite.   There’s also a “power punch pink” that is a bit of a brighter pink and would look so good with a tan.

spring nail polish shades 2018 - essie treat love & color pinked to perfection

essie Treat, Love, & Color nail Polish in shade “pinked to perfection

essie Treat, Love Color Spring Nail Polish Shades 2018 Darker Cream Colors on Pinteresting Plans Blog

Do you prefer cream shades of sheer colors?

I personally prefer the cream shades.   If you have nice nail beds I think sheer colors are very pretty but my nails usually don’t grow well.  I will say my nails were much less brittle after just a week using the Treat, Love, Color nail polish by essie.  My nails usually tear before they gain any length and within the last 2 weeks was the first time I had to file my nails since I was taking prenatal vitamins!

The color below is called “in the balance” and it was my personal favorite of the shimmer/sheer shades. It shows as a light gray with just a hint of shimmer.   It’s opaque and lasted a full week on my nails before I changed the color.   The polish held up through many toddler bath times and rigorous flu season hand hygiene.  Unlike polish with heavy top coats, this polish comes off easily with nail polish remover so a fresh manicure was much faster.

essie nail polish shades 2018 - in a balance on pinterestingplans connecticut lifestyle blog

essie Treat, Love, and Color nail polish in shade “in the balance

The picture above was 5 days AFTER I painted my nails and you can see the polish is holding up well.    I had CUT my nails before painting them.   I hadn’t cut my nails in YEARS before this.   My nails are harder in just 3 weeks of wearing the polish without the tearing that usually happens at the corners.   Do you have trouble growing your nails?   I swear, this helped!

There are a lot of sheer and shimmer shades in essie’s Treat, Love, Color nail polish line that are a little more subtle.


Spring Nail Polish Shades 2018 - Sheer and Shimmer Essie Treat Love Color Shades on Pinteresting Plans

Tips for Home Manicures

I did not think I could paint my own nails until I got fed up with the time and cost of nail salons and tried again with light colors.   Most days I wear super pale pinks or whites.   I had been discouraged in the past by the amount of effort it took to paint my own nails only to have it flop soon after. Whether it was a dent while wet an hour after painting my nails or chipping 2 days after the manicure, I was discouraged by the results.   Using both a base and top coat, the process can take SO LONG to dry, but the essie Treat, Love, Color nail polish is a base, color, and top coat in one.    I applied 2 coats of the polish in all these photos and the polish lasted a full week without chipping.

Because it’s only a 2 coat process this polish dries SO MUCH FASTER.  I usually paint my nails right after my kids go to bed when I am going to be catching up on emails at my computer.   The half hour I spend responding to email is more than enough time to dry this polish.   I really did notice my nails were stronger after using this polish as well.

Tips for transitioning to home manicures:

  • trim back your cuticles right after a hot shower when they’re soft
  • start with light or sheer polishes as they’re more forgiving
  • paint your nails at a time when you expect 30 minutes of uninterrupted dry time

You can find the essie Treat, Love, color nail polishes at Target!!    They are super affordable – especially because they include the base and top coat.   With the money AND TIME you save painting your nails at home treat yourself to some catch up time with friends!


Do you prefer the cream or sheer nail polish shades?

I’d love to hear from you in the comments below!   Do you paint your nails at home?  If you don’t I encourage you to give it a shot!  Avoiding the nail salon on occasion really opened up a good window of time for me to do some more enjoyable activities.

As always THANK YOU SO MUCH for stopping by.   For more of my favorite beauty finds make sure to check out this post before you go.

Thank you to essie and ShopStyle for sponsoring this post!

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  • briana
    February 21, 2018 at 7:01 pm

    Cute new packaging! A light color is my go-to!


    • Rachel
      March 7, 2018 at 4:43 pm

      great minds think alike 😉
      thanks Briana!

  • Jess
    February 22, 2018 at 1:31 am

    I’m with you on the salon manicures…there are many other ways I like to spend my time and money! Have you tried the Essie cuticle oil? It is amazing and helped my dry hands/cuticles. I actually paint my nails in the car…I start the car, buckle my seatbelt, and paint them. They usually dry by the time I arrive at my destination and I don’t mess them up!

  • Tabitha
    February 22, 2018 at 3:28 pm

    Great post! As much as I love seeing my nails professionally done, I don’t have the money or patience to get them done. It’s almost torturous for me to wait as they work on my nails. I find that using a really good buffer is all i need to make my nails shiny and smooth.


  • Amelia
    February 23, 2018 at 12:55 am

    I haven’t seen these at Target yet, but will have to keep my eyes out. I have always been a nail biter, so I’ve had some insecurities myself with my nails. Love your hand model debut 😉