My Nighttime Skincare Routine

My nighttime skincare routine - PH balancing Tula toner on Pinteresting Planf lifestyle blog

When you guys send me questions about my nighttime skincare routine I feel obliged to clarify. On Instagram stories – where most of you see my face – there are filters that smooth the skin!   My skin is 36 years old and playing catchup from years of neglect.  I am not, unfortunately, a magical unicorn with flawless skin.

My Nighttime Skincare Routine

My Nighttime Skincare Routine - Daily Products on Pinteresting Plans Fashion blog

In my 20’s I did nothing more than wash my face and apply lotion once a day.  I didn’t even wash my face every night if I was really tired or came home very late from a night out with friends.

Thanks to making blogging my career, I have to look at myself in pictures more than I’d like to.  My age related skin changes include:

  • increased pore size (especially on my cheeks)
  • unevenness in my skin tone
  • blemishes – ugh – I still get breakouts at times – mostly around my chin
  • fine lines – again – most noticeable on my cheeks/around my eyes


I started going to FaceIt (a local med spa) last year.   I LOVE their facials and I’ve also had dermaplaning and a vampire facial there as well.   The aesthetician there suggested some of the breakouts on my chin could be ingrown hairs.   Yes – I now have the beginnings of a beard in my 30’s ????.  Not really, but I have occasional chin hairs that pop out so I started laser hair removal at FaceIt to see if that would decrease the number of breakouts that occur.

My breakouts have been much better, but there are other factors that seemed to worsen them (breastfeeding and hot Summer weather).   I also wear makeup more often now that I am blogging and I’m guilty of not cleaning my tools as much as I should.

Anyway – I think the laser hair removal is helping my breakouts and it’s also making me less apt to find a stray chin hair when I’m miles away from my tweezers.   I also LOVE this Tula PH resurfacing gel after I wash my face to really get my skin VERY clean.   It’s something I started using around the time my blemishes improved.

My Everyday Products

My nighttime skincare routine - PH balancing Tula toner on Pinteresting Planf lifestyle blog

My nighttime skincare routine started with the Makeup Eraser towel that uses only water to remove the majority of my makeup.   Especially around my eyes, I don’t like to put irritating cleaners.  This simple towel with water gets almost all of my eye makeup off!   And it’s machine wash so I use different sections of the towel for a few days and then just toss it in with my laundry.

I then wash my face with the Tula purifying cleanser (I use it morning and night since I started getting more breakouts last year).   In the evening I swab my face with the Tula PH resurfacing gel.  As I said above, this seemed to clear up many of my blemishes when I started using it last Summer.  I apply the toner with these reusable cloth cleansing pads because I saw something online about how horrible it is for the environment to toss all the disposable cotton cleansing pads.  I’m guilt driven ???? and not in favor of pesticides so while they’re a tad more work, I love them!

Morning and night I use the Tula hydrating day and night cream which I find light yet VERY moisturizing.   Most other hydrating creams I’ve tried leave me feeling so greasy that if I use them in the morning my makeup will slide right off.


You can also purchase any of my Tula products on and get a 20% discount using code PINTERESTING20.

I was using the Dr. Dennis Gross peel pads every night at the suggestion of some readers, but they’re pretty pricy.   Right now I’m using them, but only a couple times a week, because I wasn’t noticing very dramatic results.

Do any of you use a micro needling tool?  I really want to try this GloPro tool!   I have a micro needling roller but I have been inconsistent in using it so I can’t report the wonderful results I hear others have had.

My Weekly Products

My nighttime skincare routine - weekly exfoliating products - home dermaplaning on Pinteresting Plans lifestyle blog

My skin is VERY dry in the Winter and combination in the Summer.    I have had to bump up my exfoliation products because of this.  I use several things to renew my skin each week.

I use these inexpensive dermaplaning razors to slough off the top layer of skin along with some peach fuzz to leave my skin really smooth.   I try to do this once a week.

Another tool I use is this PMD home microderm kit.   I bought it during the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale last Summer (they have so many good beauty deals) and I’m sure there are some more affordable options, so if you know of any drop a comment below!  This is a more dramatic exfoliation than just a mask.   It feels almost like a light sander is abrading your face.  Not painful or anything, but it gets off more dead skin than a mask.  If you use a lot of sunless tanner like me these exfoliators will help your tan go on more evenly.

Seasonal Items

I love this Tula kefir recovery mask in the dryer months.   It’s not a typical mask that you wash off.  It’s more like a super charged cream you let soak into your face for 15 minutes and then wipe off the excess.   This plumps my aging skin with some extra moisture.

Self Tanner

I don’t self tan nightly but I do love a good spray tan!  I get so many questions about it I think I will write a full post about it soon!

On My List

I had heard such good things about these Drunk Elephant products I bought some during Sephora’s recent site wide sale.   Since I love my Tula products so much I’ve been dragging my feet on trying these so they’re still sitting in my hall closet.   Have any of you tried the Drunk Elephant brand?  I love their philosophy on ingredients.

Do you have any game changer skincare products?   There are so many out there I really prefer to go off personal recommendations.   I’d love for you to drop a comment below if there’s something worth buying.     Thanks for reading!!!   Make sure to sign up for my bi-weekly newsletter if you want to keep up with the latest happenings on Pinteresting Plans!



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  • Aimee
    May 15, 2018 at 6:18 pm

    So like you I have some chin hair. Most of the hair is very light but once in a while I’ll get a dark one. I am wondering if laser hair removal would work on my chin since the hair is pretty light. I have started to dermplane my face like you mentioned. That also helps with those facial hairs and helps my products penetrate my face. I don’t have any acne but I do have issues with dark spots showing up and started to get fine lines under my eyes. Aging sucks!! I use obagi with retinol with helps with all of that. It does take some getting use to but is the best for aging skin. Also wear sunscreen every day

    • Rachel
      May 17, 2018 at 3:19 am

      Hi Aimee!!
      There are laser treatments that help dark spots. Definitely look into those. The laser hair removal definitely works best on dark hairs.
      Thanks for the obagi rec!

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