Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Beauty Favorites 2017

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Beauty Favorites 2017

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Beauty Favorites 2017

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Beauty Favorites 2017

If you’ve been shopping the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale as much as I have you know many of the best Fall wardrobe staples are already selling out.   Have you looked at the beauty section of the sale?   The volume of sale items isn’t nearly as overwhelming.  Many of the top beauty brands put together special savings bundles exclusively for the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale beauty event.

I hadn’t tried any of the make-up included in the sale but it did seem like there were some great eye shadow palettes and lip kits.   There were also some brush sets that seemed to be a good deal.  Since this post is about my favorites I’m only speaking to things I’m familiar with.   So I’ll dive into why these are my Nordstrom Anniversary Sale beauty favorites:

1. NeuLash Lash Enhancing Serum

I use this and within about 4 weeks of getting it I practically doubled the length of my lashes.   I have shown some pictures on Instagram (particularly stories) but it’s really impressive.  During the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale you can get a travel size bottle of the serum free with purchase of the usual size tube.  Lash serum is a much cheaper and easier alternative to lash extensions.

2. T3 Featherweight 2 Blow Dryer

If you think the T3 hair tools are pricey – so do I.   I always rave about my curling wand set.  If you’re someone who uses a blow dryer often a good one is a huge time saver.   I love the T3 blowdryer and curling wands and the dryer happens to be apart of the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale beauty discounts. I think these tools are a good investment if you are someone like me who uses them often.

3. AntiBlemish Device (only $26)

If you saw on Instagram or Facebook I recently had a hydrafacial at Face RX (in West Hartford, CT if you’re local).  The last step of the facial treated the face with both red and blue light therapy.   The blue light helps to kill bacteria which helps clear blemishes.   It really worked!   I have been breaking out on my forehead and on my neck since the Summer heat kicked in.  For about 10 days after my facial this cleared up.  I haven’t used this exact anti-blemish device but I’m buying it to try for similar results at home.

4. NuFace Trinity Facial Toning Device

I was given this device to try and had some slight toning around my cheekbones.   The results were not drastic but after treatment my cheekbones were more prominent.   The results do not last if you stop using the device regularly so consider the type of person you are if you’re thinking of purchasing a device that requires upkeep.

5. Make-Up Eraser Towel

This is simply a towel that removes make-up.   No chemicals or solution – just the water and a towel.   I bought this about 6 months ago and I use it to remove the majority of my mascara before I wash my face in the shower or sink.  I like that it doesn’t get any chemicals into my eyes or leave a greasy film under my eyes (in case I want to reapply make-up sooner after).   For the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale beauty special you get an extra towel for free.  This is great because when you’re doing laundry or take a trip you have a spare.

6. Personal Microderm Device

I haven’t tried this exact device so I’d love to hear from someone who has.   Again, this is the same technology I had during the hydrafacial I mentioned above and the results were really good.  This is a suction and exfoliation in one device.  Please drop a comment if you’ve tried this actual device…I’d love to hear if it works nearly as well as the med spa option.

7. Acrylic Make-up/Brush Organizer

I keep something just like this my bathroom counter.   It holds all my beauty essentials and everyday products organized on my counter top.  I love the clean look and it’s much easier to find an eyeliner or brush in here than sorting through a cosmetic bag.

8. Foot File

Sounds kind of yucky but this transformed my rough feet.   I use this after the shower every couple weeks and lather my feet in castor oil.   Wear socks over the castor oil so you don’t slip but  your feet will be SO MUCH SOFTER in just one round.

9. Microneedling Tool Set-up

The idea behind microneedling is that you create small punctures in the skin to allow anti-aging ingredients in and increase collagen production as the punctures heal themselves.   I have tried this.  I do think it helps.  Again, it’s a right fit for people who will put in the work to keep this in their routine.


If you’re interested in what some of my beauty favorites are beyond the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale beauty tools and products you can find that post here.

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