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nordstrom anniversary sale blogger favorites post

nordstrom anniversary sale blogger favorites post

Today I am sharing what I’m calling a Nordstrom Anniversary Sale blogger favorites.   As a style blogger I get to call shopping a job requirement (eeek, pinch me!).   Because of this it’s important I stay informed and on top of the latest sales.  This NSale (as it’s nicknamed) is the biggest of the year.   In this post I detailed what all the hype is about.   So today I am sharing what I call a Nordstrom Anniversary Sale blogger favorites list.  It is just a way for me to give the everyday shopper an idea what and where I think the best deals will be found.

I actually have to work this Thursday when the Nordstrom Anniversary Early Access Sale starts.  The first week of the sale is open exclusively to Nordstrom cardholders (apply here).  It’s my second to last day of work at my current job so I cannot get time off as I’m wrapping up care with my favorite patients.   To get around this I am planning to shop online before work and pick-up in store as much as possible.   Have you used Nordstrom’s curbside pick-up?   It’s a gem for a mom who doesn’t want to take her kids out of the carseat….or have them tear a department store apart.  Really it’s an amazing service for anyone.   Shop online and get the items the same day.

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Blogger Favorites

So here are the top categories I will be grabbing items from to pretty much solidify my wardrobe staples for the rest of the year.   Ok, I won’t stop shopping. but I’ll have most of my basics covered.


nordstrom anniversary sale blogger wishlist - cardigans

So many good cardigan will be on sale!   The one above sold out the first day of the NSALE last year but rumor is it will be back this year.   I wear cardigans most days of the week in the Fall and Winter.   Actually, year round now that I think about it.   I like longer cardigans most of the time.   The coziest cardigans that are normally kind of expensive are the Barefoot Dreams cardigans and last year several were included in the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. By the time I decided to commit they were sold out.


I’m looking for peep toe and closed toe booties.   I have an active lifestyle with two kids so I ruined my Fall booties last year by wearing them on a few too many trips to the pumpkin patch, the farms, and muddy playgrounds.   You can click on the picture of the peep toe booties above – they happen to be on sale already but I’ll be sharing what’s on my Nordstrom Anniversary Sale blogger wishlist on Thursday.


Last year the best selling item of the entire Nordstrom Anniversary Sale were the AG legging jeans.   I don’t own these (at least not yet), but I know several people who do and swear by them.   I do think denim is a good place to invest in your wardrobe and I heard these will be half off again this year!   I wear denim or leggings EVERY day in the Fall so I might try them.


nordstrom anniversary sale blogger favorites - lyssé high waisted faux leather leggings

Like I just said above, I live in leggings and jeans in the Fall and Winter.   The higher end pairs that hug in all the right places rarely go on sale because they don’t need to.   People are so loyal to Spanx, Lyssé, and Zella that they don’t need to drop the price.  I bought the Spanx faux leather leggings on sale last year and I DEFINITELY got my wear out of them.   I’ve been wanting to try the Lyssé black faux leather leggings that will be on sale starting Thursday.  I might also add a pair of fun workout leggings to my shopping cart.  I’m into athleisure – i.e.: walking for coffee looking like I’m headed to the gym.  Lastly, if you don’t own fleece lined leggings they are a must have in a cold climate.  Not sure if any will be on sale, but I’ll keep you posted.


nordstrom anniversary sale blogger

I mentioned last week that I missed out on the Blank NYC Suede Moto that was included in last year’s sale.  I bought it later for almost double the price :(. The hottest items are stocked in limited quantities during the sale.


Nordstrom anniversary sale blogger favorites - t3 curling tools

Last year many of the T3 hair tools were included in the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale.  I LOVE my T3 curling wand.   I use it several days a week and won’t go without it now.  I know they also include a lot of value make-up sets and tools on deep discount so keep and eye out for my Nordstrom Anniversary Sale blogger favorites list on THURSDAY!!!   I will be categorizing all my favorite items so they are easy to shop.  I’ll also be sharing what I am purchasing on Instagram and Instagram stories.  I will be sharing some on Facebook and Pinterest as well, but I am much more active on IG.


Nordstrom anniversary sale blogger wishlist - Stuart weitzman highlight over the knee boots on sale

There were lots of great deals on over the knee boots in last year’s Nordstrom Anniversary Sale.   Believe it or not I was new to the trend at that time so I didn’t purchase any because I wasn’t sure I would like them.   Well, in fact, I LOVE them and wore them all Winter.   The CREME DE LA CREME of over the knee boots (the Stuary Weitzman Over The Knee Boots) happen to be 30% off right now.  A lot of Sorel boots were included in last year’s NSALE and I LOVE Sorel boots in the Winter.

Also keep and eye out for sales from LUSH – they make SUPER affordable closet staples like t-shirt dresses and tunics.   Gibson is another brand I love for their super soft tops.

Stay tuned Thursday!  I’ll be sharing my exact Nordstrom Anniversary Sale blogger favorites post and all the things that are in my shopping cart throughout the sale.   If you’re interested in signing up for my newsletter (on the homepage) I am doing several giveaways just for my readers during the sale period.


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