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Outdoor Fall Family Photo Outfits

best colors for family pictures outside
best colors for family pictures outside

Hi there!! I figured many of you were like me and starting to think about holiday cards. I wanted to share some ideas for coordinating outfits in case you’re planning family photos. I’m partnering with Lands’ End to share the perfect fall outfits for outdoor photos. Right now they are having a 40% off sale on their full price styles and free shipping with code RS40!

best colors for fall family pictures outside
My Outfit: Fleece Pullover (xs) // Jacket (xs) // Leggings (xs) // Boots
Chris’ Outfit: Plaid Long Sleeve (med tall) // Vest (med tall) // Jeans (32×33) // Boots
Mac’s Outfit: Jacket // Pants // Boots
Cam’s Outfit: Top // Pants // Boots
what to wear for outdoor fall family photos outdoors

Fall Family Outdoor Photo Color Scheme

For our family outfit color palette, I always recommend classic color combinations and sticking with 2-3 main colors – like blue and tan or white, blue and brown. This year, we went with neutral earth tones. The browns and greens are gorgeous together especially with the scenic background. My friend, and photographer, Michele took these photos if you’re local and are looking to do a family shoot.

green and tan color scheme for fall family pictures

The women’s sizes do run big in my opinion. I am wearing xs in all pieces which is equivalent to a 2-4 on the Land’s End size chart, but it runs closer to a 4 in my opinion. That said, these pieces are very cute and more importantly, good quality.


neutral color scheme for couples pictures

I felt like the sizing for men’s also ran a bit big as well, but not as much as the women’s. Chris is 6’2″ and wearing medium tall in the plaid button down and vest and a 32 x 33 in the jeans.


casual fall outdoor photo clothing ideas

I wanted our outfits to look and feel cozy and outdoorsy, so while picking out each look, I went with more simple and casual pieces rather than dressy.

dad and sons fall outfits for photoshoot

The parka Mac is wearing is an awesome kid’s winter coat. Online it says it can be worn in -18°F weather 🥶. Connecticut winters are not that cold, but it’s still perfect for those living in colder climate states. It comes in lots of different colors for boys and girls. The boots are unisex too.



neutral fall outfit ideas for couples photos
neutral earth tones color palette for fall family photos
what shoes to wear for fall family photo outfits


kids fall family photo outfit ideas for boys
outdoor fall family photo color schemes
coordinating outfits for fall family pictures

Shop Winter Family Photo Outfits:

If you are planning photos for winter, here is another color scheme and outfit ideas for the family!

Lands’ End also has an awesome selection for holiday gifts you can check out – here. Thank you so much for stopping by!!

And thank you to Lands’ End for partnering on today’s post.

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