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Pinteresting Plans Photo Presets NOW AVAILABLE!

pinteresting plans photo presets

I’m excited to announce that the Pinteresting Plans photo presets are now available for purchase on RoseGoldFlamingo’s website. I have mentioned on social media that I’m working behind the scenes to build tools that will help others start or get ahead in their online businesses. This was one of the first things I wanted to tackle because great imagery is VITAL to social media success.

Photos are such an integral part of marketing and social media, but most of us don’t have a background in image editing. These presets streamline the editing tools and tricks that took me years to learn in order to crisp and brighten my images. While editing one photo used to take me up to 10 minutes it now takes just a few seconds with these presets.

The presets work through Lightroom, a free photo editing app on the iPhone. While there are optional add ons that will cost you money the presets work with the free version of the app. That’s how I use them.

Instructions on how to download and use the presets if you decide to make a purchase are available here. It takes about 5 minutes to set up the first time and then your photo editing will take only a matter of seconds.

I wanted to share some before and after images using the presets I designed.

Before After
Before After

I’ll be sharing more tips and tools for success in an online business throughout this year if you’re interested! Let me know in the comments below if there are specific topics you’d like to see sooner than later.


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