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Quick Almond Flour Banana Pancakes

paleo pancakesRipe bananas are a baker’s friend.   I use them to make banana ice cream, banana bread, roasted banana boats, smoothies, and about a dozen types of muffins JUST TO START!!  I’m not sure I’ve visited the grocery store since my first son started eating and did not buy a bunch of bananas.  If your kids are like mine – I call them carbivores.   They see a carb – and they must consume it.   That saying about “eat the rainbow” – all colors of fruits and veggies – that saying gets lost in a beige cloud of organic bars and crackers.

If you’re like me – you told yourself you’d have a paleo baby – and you succeeded – until they were about one and a half and they protested anything that did not come out of a box or bag.   My older son hears the crunch of a bag and runs to the kitchen.     So sometimes I need to tweak their favorites.   Pancakes and waffles from the freezer are certainly easy and welcomed by my kids, but I feel bettert when I know I’ve put in the effort to give them something better.Truck Pancake

Banana almond flour pancakes have been a staple in my house for years.   They are quick and easy and can be dressed up with blueberries or chocolate chips if you fancy.   I’ve been known to attempt to make them look like dinosaurs, bunnies, and monster trucks.  I used to always get almond flour (called “meal”) at Trader Joe’s but they’ve been hiking the price lately and it’s not as finely ground as other brands.   The most accessible is Bob’s Red Mill.   They sell it at Target and on Amazon.   You can purchase it here if you’re interested.

Here is my tried and true recipe.   It makes enough for 4+ people (my kids eat as much as adults):


cashew flour pancake

As I said in the recipe – the second side will cook more quickly – I try to move the pancake’s surface around with the spatula and if it’s firm – the pancake is done.  Personally I don’t let my kids add syrup – these are sweet already – particularly if we add chocolate chips.

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