Are You QVC’s Next Big Find?!

Are You QVC's Next Big Thing | Enter Your Idea

Disclosure – I have been compensated by QVC and HSN for this post. All opinions are my own.

Are You QVC's Next Big Thing | Enter Your Idea

As you guys probably know, I started my own clothing last year, Recovery Wear Clothing. I love seeing other women pursue their ideas and dreams, too, and always want to encourage it in any way I can. So, I’m really excited to share a contest QVC recently announced that I hope will give one of you a chance to turn your invention or side hustle into an ultra successful business.

What’s really cool about QVC’s Big Find contest is that if you make it to the final round, you’re paired with a mentor to help coach you on how to sell and pitch your product. Most of us trying to start our own side hustles don’t have a business background so a good mentor can be a game changer.

My career and education prior to blogging were focused in healthcare. I was a cardiology nurse practitioner, so anyone who will mentor me on business logistics or marketing is a person I want to listen to.

This photo is from Recovery Wear Clothing’s feature in Hartford Magazine!

QVC’s Next Big Thing

QVC is currently running what they call their Next Big Thing contest. They are looking to identify the next big Fashion, Jewelry, Accessory, or Beauty brand for QVC and HSN that will launch before the end of 2019. The product will be sold and promoted on QVC and HSN. I already entered Recovery Wear Clothing! If you think real people never win contests like this – consider this. In 2011 I entered an online content to will a $150,000 Miami wedding and GUESS WHAT?! We WON!!! So if you have a dream – believe me, you just never know what will happen!

This is an awesome opportunity for other women who are pursuing their own businesses or ideas. The contest is open to men, too, I’m just not sure how many follow here :).

Here are the details you’ll need to know:

  • Submit your idea! Between 6/13-7/12 you can submit your idea via a submission form on QVC. You’ll also have to submit a video telling about your story and product.
  • Voting begins. Buyers for QVC & HSN will review the ideas and decide who will move on to the next round! Please note – you will need a physical prototype of your product/idea.
  • The final round includes an invite to one of four locations: West Chester, PA, Seattle, WA, New York, NY or St. Petersburg, FL. The finalists will be paired with a mentor to help them prepare and will have a prototype to present.

I think when most successful business owners look back at what launched their business they can define a handful of key moments. This could be yours! When opportunity knocks – open the door! I’d love to hear about your small business or great idea in the comments below and I’m hoping to see one of you on QVC and HSN this year!

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