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recovery wear clothing scholarship update

This weekend something amazing happened.  In the face of something very sad, you guys, many of whom I have never even met me in person, reached out to my cry for help.

 recovery wear clothing scholarship update

On Saturday we got a message that a local guy we were trying to help get into recovery had overdosed.   We had just met with his parents days before this.   It was pretty clear he was using again and we were strategizing how to get him help.

If you haven’t lived with an addict, you might not know how quickly they can blow through money.  Yours and theirs.   The financial stress of multiple trips to rehab is not something you want to deal with on top of watching your child almost die.

Having been in the medical field – insurance is a wonderful thing – until it’s not.  People sitting behind desks looking at numbers have more say over care often times than the care providers themselves.   The Plymouth House, where Chris got sober, does not accept insurance, so they can teach recovery in their own voice.

So on Sunday I reached out to you guys asking to help raise the funds to get this family the money they’d need to send this young man to The Plymouth House.  I’m OVERWHELMED by how many people purchased Recovery Wear items and by how many offered direct donations.   (Btw – I’m also impressed how many of you mentioned you are doing a no-spend January).  With 100% of the purchase price of Recovery Wear items going towards the rehab scholarship we raised the full scholarship funds we hoped for on Sunday.

I wanted those who donated to know this family and ours are so appreciative of the outpouring of love.   These early detox days are SO emotional and stressful, but hopefully in a few months we can share some updates.  For now, YOU GUYS ROCK!   Thank you and thanks to my family who helped me package and mail hundreds of orders.   Love you guys!!


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  • Rachel
    January 10, 2019 at 5:59 am

    <3 Thank you so much for generously sponsoring his recovery and allowing us to help him as well!