How to Shop with the New LiketoKnow.It APP


(photo c/o my sexy gal pal Christina of Oh So Glam blog)

Last year LiketoKnow.IT it made it much easier to shop the Instagrams of your favorite bloggers when they introduced the LTK widget that allows you to shop my (and other blogger’s) outfits on each blog’s SHOP PAGE without any email sign up.   This week LiketoKnow.it introduced the newest shopping technology with the LiketoKnow.IT app, now available in the App Store.

The LiketoKnow.it App makes shopping outfits you see on Instagram even easier.  First, download the app.  Once you’ve registered your app you can screenshot (or LIKE) social media pics of your favorite influencers.   There will be a heart shaped watermark in the bottom right hand corner of the pictures that are LiketoKnow.IT enabled to make them easy to recognize.  Outfit links for those pictures you have taken a screenshot of (or liked) will instantly load in your app.

There is also a 1 minute video explaining the Liketoknow.IT App if you’re interested and I was not clear.  Should you have any questions or problems always feel free to reach out to me!  You can also still use my blog’s SHOP MY INSTAGRAM page for quick access to all my outfit links as well.

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