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Short Term Rental Upgrades

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Not our first short term rental

If you’re new here, this STR is not our first. We’ve have owned several (a few we have flipped) and love the process of making short term rentals feel like home! Especially along 30A, Florida, where the sugar sand beaches, emerald water and high vibes are irresistible. We loved it so much we decided to live here full time!

Our latest short term rental upgrade

Prominence of 30a is a unique beach community along 30A is one we have bought in before. Known for its family friendly setup, this community has a lot of appeal to families vacationing to the area. While we usually make some low cost furniture upgrades to add appeal and comfort, we also made a few bigger upgrades that we thought would be valuable to share the budget breakdown on.

Before and after backsplash and flooring upgrades

I thought I could get in and just update the furniture but my love for having a bright, coastal look got the best of me and I caved on some larger upgrades to this short term rental. The first upgrade we made was the kitchen backsplash. It’s not that this backsplash was bad, it just wasn’t on brand with the coastal style of our short term rentals. I wanted something that looked clean and bright. Subway tile allowed me to achieve a classic look while being very affordable.

Backsplash budget breakdown

This was a quick and painless one. Once it was done I couldn’t believe I ever thought twice! Here’s the budget breakdown on the backsplash:

  • $100 for the subway tile
  • $100 for supplies like grout and caulk
  • $300 demo
  • $700 install

    $1200 backsplash upgrade

I also upgraded the hardware to the cabinets to complete the look. That was $100. Grab the knobs and pulls here:

Carpet to engineered hardwood budget breakdown

The other larger upgrade we made was to remove the carpet in the guest room and add engineered hardwood so it matched the rest of the condo. Beyond the cosmetic improvement of engineered hardwood, I dont love that carpet can hold on to toxins and sand. Engineered hardwood is easiest to keep clean and more durable than carpet, especially for a beach STR. If you want something that’s not as expensive as engineered hardwood, you might explore LVP. YOU CAN CHECK OUT THIS RENOVATION WE DID WHERE WE USED A BEAUTIFUL (and affordable) LVP flooring. While engineered hardwoods is not as durable as LVP, I prefer the look and in this case wanted to match the rest of the unit. Just like the kitchen, we purchased materials and then hired help. Here’s the budget breakdown and link to the engineered hardwood flooring we used.

Furniture and Coastal Accents

The best part! I used some of my go-to pieces that have been used in other STRs we have redone. I am going to share a blog post about my most purchased STR pieces next week. For now, I want ya’ll to have one spot to shop this STR. Below is a peek at the rooms as well as some links to shop them.

Shop the STR living space here:

Shop the STR guest room here:

Shop the STR primary bedroom here:

We had some great feedback on sharing our budget breakdowns, I hope you found it helpful too! If you’re looking to come see the area, check out our listing here.

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