Skincare for Acne in Your 30’s

skincare for acne in your 30's with rachel moore of pinteresting plans

Hey guys, Colleen Rothschild Beauty just started their Customer Appreciation Sale that runs through 2/18/19 so I wanted to pop in and chat about some of the skin problems I’ve faced in recent years.   Of course I’m showing signs of aging – I just turned 37 yesterday.  What made me even more self conscious was breakouts.   I thought I was passed my years of acne in my teens, but suddenly I was in my mid 30’s and getting persistent blemishes on my chin.

It’s been almost a year since I last posted my skincare routine so I wanted to share some things I have updated.   Many of the products I use are from Colleen Rothschild and during their customer appreciation sale you can get $50 off your $150 order on using sale code CAS50.

skincare for acne in your 30's with rachel moore of pinteresting plans

What Helped My 30 Year Old Acne

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    • One thing I added when I was unsure why my adult chin breakouts were getting worse was a toner.  I use toner EVERY SINLGE NIGHT after I wash my face.  It helps take off any excess makeup and dirt and makes my skin feel that much cleaner before bed.  I just recently switched to this Colleen Rothschild Matcha Tea Toner and I am loving it.  The scent is light and it’s not drying like some toners can be.
    • I also added Vitamin C to my skincare about a year ago based on the recommendation of some of my favorite bloggers.   My skin tone was more even within DAYS of adding vitamin C to my skincare routine.    Colleen Rothschild Beauty makes an AM Routine bundle pack that includes a balancing toner and Vitamin C serum.
    • My first son was born when I was 30 and my other son 3 years later.  My hormones were all over the place.  I nursed my second son until he was 2.5, so it’s been nearly a year and a half since I stopped.  I am guessing that phasing out breastfeeding regulated my hormones which in turn might have helped regulate my breakouts.   I mention this NOT encouraging people to stop breastfeeding, just simply because I think it played a role in helping my breakouts level off.
    • Speaking of hormones – do you get chin hairs?   I am #blessed with some and when I went in for a facial to try and help my adult acne the aesthetician suggested I consider laser hair removal because some of my “zits” might be ingrown hairs.   Laser hair removal takes quite a while because of the time between sessions, but it’s so worth it in my opinion.   Let me say, however, I had laser hair removal on my legs and that hair didn’t fight nearly as hard to stick around as my chin hairs are.

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My Skincare Favorites From Colleen Rothschild

skincare for acne in your 30's - cocoa bean cleansing balm

  • NEW Cocoa Bean Cleansing Balm 
    • Colleen Rothschild beauty might be best known for their popular Radiant Cleansing Balm.   As the name would suggest it leaves your face radiant, soft, and moisturized.  It also takes off hard to remove eye makeup very gently.  I was so excited when I saw they were adding a Cocoa Bean Cleansing Balm.   There are actually small bits of vanilla bean in this one that help with a gentle, daily exfoliation.  It smells and looks like chocolate frosting when you use it….and I like chocolate frosting.   A little of the radiant cleansing balm goes a long way and this pot will last me several months.
  • Duel Enzyme Polish
    • Exfoliating is key to getting the dead skin off so that the right products can soak into your skin and work their magic.   I have dry skin so I do masks or other exfoliating treatments twice a week.
  • Matcha Green Tea Toner
    • Using a toner every night had such a positive impact on my skin.   It’s a super quick step to add to your nightly routine.  I use these reusable bamboo cleaning pads with the toner and wash them in the included laundry bag once a week.
  • Vitamin C Serum
    • This has helped my skin tone become more even and helped eliminate my breakouts.   Start with very small amounts as it can be drying or irritating at first if you jump from 0 to 100.
  • Age Renewal Super Serum
    • I use this under my daily moisturizer because of all the anti-aging benefits it includes.   It goes on super light and absorbs quickly.
  • Extreme Recovery Cream 
    • My skin is dry so I always reach for face “cream”.   Cream in my mind means a bit thicker than lotion and that helps lock moisture into my skin for longer.
  • Retinol Supreme Eye Serum 
    • I always make sure to apply eye serum in the morning because it helps my concealer go on more evenly.   I have dry skin – and dry under eyes can really make your concealer look caky.    A lot of days I just wear concealer and not foundation so I like to make sure it goes on smooth.  The Colleen Rothschild Retinol Eye Serum is really good for the fine lines I’m getting around the outsides of my eyes.

 colleen rothschild beauty product review - retinol eye serum on pinteresting plans blog

When I am new to a skincare line I often like to try their version of a Discovery Set because that allows me to try a lot of their products at a lower cost before deciding which full size products I want to purchase.  If you’re wanting to try Colleen Rothschild Beauty but aren’t sure which products are the right fit consider the Discovery Set which includes many of my personal favorite products.



Don’t forget – if you’re wanting to use these products, the customer appreciation sale goes until 2/18/19 and you can get $50 off your $150 order on (code CAS50).

Thank you to Colleen Rothschild Beauty for sponsoring this post.   All opinions are my own.

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