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Spring Cleaning: 3 Tips to Organize Your Pantry

best way to organize kitchen pantry with before and after pictures
small walk in kitchen pantry organization ideas

As we prepare to move I have to remind myself that potential buyers will be going through all those drawers and closets that often hide messes we don’t think guests will see. So party of my usual Spring cleaning is also prep to show the house! My pantry was a culprit area so today I’m partnering with eBay to share 3 tips for organizing your pantry.

kitchen pantry organization before and after photos

Organizing your pantry is a one day task if you gather just a few organization items. I grabbed mine from eBay. Like 79% of items on eBay everything I purchased was new! They also all shipped free!

1. Pull Everything Out

We had lots of toys and electronics in our pantry that did not belong there. Taking those out alone gave it a much cleaner look.

With everything removed from the pantry I could then decide what I wanted to donate to the food pantry and how I would break up what was left.

easy tips for organizing small kitchen pantry

2. Remove Bulky Packaging

I pulled the majority of our food from boxes and bags. This took away a lot of the bulk and also gave the space a cleaner look.

best way to organize kitchen pantry with before and after pictures

3. Group Like Items In Baskets and Jars

Pasta, popcorn, rice, nuts…I placed these items in glass jars. I ordered another set to store additional pasta and salad fixings.

glass food storage bamboo lid for rice pasta and nuts
Glass Pantry Jars

I grouped mac and cheese and other pasta mixes in one of these plastic slide out drawer type organizers. I also grouped some cleaning supplies down low and other jarred/canned items in these as well.

how to use acrylic containers to organize kitchen pantry
Plastic Organizers

My brother is staying with us and I didn’t want to organize his items so I put them in these foldable pull out storage boxes. I normally like a wire or wicker basket that allows everyone to visualize what’s inside but since I was cleaning this to show our house I figured this would give the neatest appearance.

white double cereal dispenser for kitchen organization
Cereal Dispenser

If you are looking for pantry organization here are a few great finds from eBay!

Is your pantry more like the before or the after? Let me know in the comments below.

Thank you to eBay for sponsoring today’s post.

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    March 6, 2021 at 11:50 pm

    Love that it is aesthetically pleasing!