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Spring Travel Outfit (+ 10 Awesome Weekender Bags!)

Spring Travel Outfit Inspiration | Weekender Bag Outfit

Spring can be a great time to travel. Especially if you live in New England because the weather often remains cold. I love getting away for short trips in the spring, whether it’s a weekend trip with the family or a short visit to Florida with some friends. Since I know a lot of you also travel for spring, today I’m sharing a simple weekend travel outfit for this time of year.

When I take spring trips I like to bring one larger purse and then an easy and versatile weekender bag. It’s so much quicker than busting out an entire suitcase. So, I also wanted to include some awesome weekender bags from Sole Society you could choose from.

Spring Travel Outfit Inspiration | Leopard Flats

I like to keep my travel outfits easy and comfortable. A simple pair of jeans with a tank and comfy cardigan are staples. I like cardigans or some type of layering because whether you’re flying or driving in the car it allows you to add or take off layers depending on the temperature. If you’re like my hubby and I, we are always in disagreement over the right car temperature.

For shoes, I love these leopard espadrille flats for traveling. They are easy to slip on and slip off for getting through the airport security. Plus, they are super comfortable. I like the leopard look too because they make any outfit look just a little more stylish so you look like you put yourself together even if you rolled out of bed last minute and realized you still hadn’t packed for your trip (not that I’m speaking from experience or anything).

For weekend get aways (or sometimes as simple as taking my kids to swim lessons) I reach for an oversized weekender bag.  Sole Society offers weekender bags in a variety of sizes.  The one I have here is a vegan leather hobo bag. You don’t always have to get something that’s specifically a “weekender bag.” Lots of times oversized totes or hobo bags work great.

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Weekender Bag | Spring Travel Outfit Inspiration

Top Weekender Bag Picks from Sole Society

I wanted to round up a few other weekender bag options. Like I said, sometimes an oversized hobo bag or tote works great, too. I like to look for things that are versatile and can be worn lots of ways, as well as have ample space for all my stuff!

I love Sole Society for shopping for items like this because the selection is great and I’m always really pleased with the quality and style of their bags.  While I always personally gravitate towards neutrals and blushes, you can find all kinds of patterns, colors, and textures.

Do you have any fun spring traveling planned?  I just got back from a quick trip with girlfriends but my hubby and I keep saying we should take the kids away for a weekend.   I’d love to hear your favorite weekend spots.

Thank you to Sole Society for sponsoring this post.

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