My Favorite (Not Too Trendy) Trends to Try

Hey guys! Today I’m breaking up the snow day we’re having by taking the time to talk about Spring trends!  If you’re like me, you like to dabble in trends. I’m a 36-year-old mom so I’m not looking to SET trends or stop people in their tracks when I walk in a room. My goal with fashion is to look polished and put together while still having some fun. For me, that brings throwing in trends here and there. Like all fun these days, it’s now age appropriate. My days of mini skirts and beer pong are behind me….I think.  So below are some not too trendy Spring trends to try with pieces that vary depending on how loud you want to wear them.

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Blush Tones as a Spring Trend for 2018

Blush Tone Trend

Blush tones might not feel like anything life-changing. It makes me think of the Devil Wears Prada when Miranda goes “Florals, for Spring? Groundbreaking.” But, blush is definitely a trendy color and blush colored clothing always looks chic and polished. Not to mention, blush matches so many different colors which means making outfits with it is a cinch.

Rachel’s Style Tips: Blush might not seem like the easiest color to wear. You may worry if you’re pale or warm-toned that it won’t look good on your skin tone. Remember that blush comes in many shades from a darker blush like this Twill Utility Swing Jacket to lighter, almost white blushes like this Wrap Crew Luxe Pullover. So, just like with finding the right lipstick for your skin, you can find a blush that matches your skin ton too.

Scalloped Hems as a Spring Trend for 2018

Scalloped Edges Trend

I am all about the scalloped edges this year. They are so soft and feminine. It’s an easy way to add some interest to an outfit or clothing piece without being over-the-top. You can also find scalloped edges pretty much everywhere this year. Whether you’re looking for scalloped edges shorts, scalloped hemmed sleeves, or sweaters trimmed with a scalloped edge, there’s literally something for everyone. I think one of my personal favorites are shorts with the scalloped hem. Shorts of this style tend to give you a little more coverage (you know what I mean- cut off jean shorts I’m looking at you), but the scalloped edge makes then fun and flirty.

On a side note, how many times do you think I can say “scalloped” in a single post? One more time? Ok. Scalloped.

spring trends - circle bags

Circle Bag Trend

Anything that can make me feel like I’m on vacation and not a 36 year old Connecticut mom in the midst of Winter – sign me up!   I love circle totes.  If you saw my post with vacation packing tips you saw I carried my (sold out) circle bag everywhere!  Sizing varies so much so consider how much you plan to carry.   I generally travel light because I swap purses regularly.   Do you tend to carry the same bag and tote a lot of belongings?


Eyelet Fashion Spring Trends 2018

Eyelet Clothing Trend

If you take a little scroll through my Instagram feed, it’s no surprise that I love eyelet. First of all, it often comes in white which – HELLO-  is my favorite color. And second, it’s so delicate and girly. It doesn’t matter if I’m spending the day doing boy mom things, eyelet immediately makes my outfit look more soft and chic.

Rachel’s Style Tip: Sometimes eyelet pieces are, shall we say, see-through. I don’t know about you but I’m not interested in giving everyone a peep show everywhere I go. There are some simple ways to avoid this. First, you can always wear a white tank underneath if you prefer not to show any skin at all – you can find my favorite affordable white tank here. Another suggestion is to pair it with a lovely bralette. You might feel like a regular bra looks tacky when you can see aspects of it underneath a top, but a lace-covered bralette looks purposeful. Not to mention, you can get some high-coverage bralettes to give you more coverage like the Lulu Bralette from Passionata by Chantelle or the Adriana Bralette by Parfait.

Rose Gold shoes - Spring Trends 2018

Rose Gold Trend

Rose gold has made its way into every aspect of our lives. Heck, you can even get rose gold highlighter if you want! Essentially, rose gold is really just the metallic version of blush and what’s not to love about that?!

The reason I love to incorporate rose gold is that it’s such a simple and subtle way to add something extra to an outfit. Throw on a pair of rose gold sandals with jeans and a white tank and it immediately looks a little more trendy. In jewelry, wearing rose gold is great because it can easily mix with other metallics. It pairs great with yellow gold as well as a silver, which makes mixing a matching a breeze.

Crochet Fashion Spring Trends 2018

Crochet Clothing Trend

Just saying the word “crochet” might have you reminiscing to weekends at your grandma’s as a kid. But trust me, this trend is anything but dated. The truth is, fashion has gotten a little crafty over the past year or two. The more you look the more you see little bits of artisan details like embroidery and crochet in fashion nowadays. The nice thing about the crochet detail is you can go as deep or shallow into the trend as you want. Go for a full-on crochet look like this Free People Caught Up Crochet Top sweater, or just add a fun crochet detail like the trim on this kimono from Target. And, of course, you can’t go wrong in a chunky, oversize cardigan like the open cardigan from Aerie.

Rachel’s Style Tip. When it comes to crochet, I think mixing and matching works best. Try pairing a soft, crochet top with a pair of dark, structured skinny jeans or a black leather jacket.

Spring Trends 2018 - Fashion Ruffles

Ruffles Trend

Ruffles on my clothing, Ruffle potato chips, I love them all. But, I get it, ruffles can seem intimidating. You might feel like they scream “look at me!” Many ruffled pieces are very over-the-top and in your face. But, luckily as the trend has grown, there has been a huge increase in the variety of ruffles you can add to your wardrobe so you can dabble in the trend without feeling like you’re going to a 1980’s prom. Ruffles, when done right, can be very sophisticated in a fun, carefree way. Just like scalloped edges, they add a feminine air to a piece that’s light and breezy.

Rachel’s Style Tip: Ruffles can be very figure flattering when worn the right way. You want to wear ruffles in places you’re naturally smaller. If you have a smaller chest, ruffles along a neckline can work great. If you’re wide-hipped, wearing ruffled sleeves can help to balance that out!

What’s your favorite way to incorporate trends without being “too trendy”?

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