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Stay on 30A

If you’re a long-time follower, or a follower in the last couple years, you probably know about my passion for real estate, investing, and of course 30A. If you’re not familiar, 30A is a scenic stretch of highway along the most gorgeous coastline on the Florida panhandle. 

The Pinteresting Plans brand has always been about transformation. I love a good before and after! In Spring 2021 my family and I sold our Connecticut home fully furnished and moved down here. We immediately added the Pinteresting Plans touch to a couple of rentals “The Bungalow” and “Dunes for Days” that we have since flipped and invested in other local properties.

These projects have scratched my itch for transformation while highlighting the power the 30A area has on those who visit. The feeling is hard to explain from afar, but the majority of friends/family who have come to visit us have ended up purchasing properties down here once they are able to experience firsthand everything that we love about 30A (we’re still working on Janey…who says she is next). 

Since moving here, it has become a passion of ours to bring the lifestyle transformation of 30A to people’s lives, whether it’s for a week, a season, or a lifetime. My husband Chris, who is just as keen on the area as I am, has his real estate license so he can help other stargazing visitors move or invest here. 

To better provide access to even more info about the area to visitors, we have created the Stay on 30A brand. and the @stayon30a Instagram account are local guides, sharing everything from where we eat and drink, to local events, and where we stay.

If you’re interested in experiencing 30A, whether through a family vacation or purchasing an investment property, our account can be a great resource. On the website you’ll find a breakdown of the unique 30A beach towns and trusted rentals of various sizes and locations. We picked a handful of homes for rent in each neighborhood that we felt would suit different vacation needs. You can find those listings here.

Hopefully the saved highlights on our Instagram page and the rental suggestions on our website are a good start to helping newbies explore the area. We will be adding more blog posts about area favorites throughout the year. If you are interested in purchasing real estate in the area feel free to reach out to Chris via email. [email protected]

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