Stroller Workout Idea – Tips for Working Out With Kids

stroller workout idea with tips on how to keep the kids occupied during the workout via pinterestingplans

stroller workout idea (sponsored by Macy's) with tips on how to keep the kids occupied during the workout via pinterestingplansToday I’m sharing a stroller workout I do with my kids.  This post is sponsored by Macy’s.

I have been getting a lot of messages asking about my fitness routines and there isn’t much to it these days.  I picked exactly where I wanted to buy a house based on the fact that I wanted to walk everywhere.   I live within walking distance of Whole Foods, the (children’s) library, dozens of bars/restaurants, my gym, and Chipotle.  Don’t most people pick real estate based on its proximity to Chipotle?

Most of the year I do a lot of walking (a few weeks of Winter I hibernate).   Having a good stroller is a huge game changer if you live a pedestrian lifestyle.   When I was pregnant with my second child I bought a side by side stroller off Craigslist for $220 (retail was $700 at the time).   Since the stroller was already several years old at the time you can imagine what it’s like fast forward 2.5 years.  The double stroller I was using was very rickety and the under carriage that holds personal items had fallen off.

Since I use my stroller everyday I took advantage of an opportunity with Macy’s and got this Baby Jogger Summit 3 side by side double jogging stroller.  I find the side by side let’s my kids interact with each other more easily.   A side by side stroller is a tight squeeze fitting through doorways but I haven’t had any issues where I couldn’t get inside somewhere.

This Summer has been pretty hot so I more often workout at the gym on the hottest days.   The gym I use has a daycare I put my kids in while I workout.   This week my little guy had a cold so I didn’t want to spread his germs all over the gym playroom so I did a stroller workout.   I’m sharing details of my workout and tips for getting it done with kids in tow.


The Workout: High Intensity, Short in Length

I am almost always in a rush to get my workout done.  With two jobs and two kids I don’t get a lot of free time so I try to maximize my results in the shortest time span.  Even a 20 minute workout can make a huge difference in how I feel.  I workout hard and fast if working out with kids is my only option.  In this workout I pushed the stroller as fast as I could about 200 meters in sprints and did an exercise at each end of the sprint.

 stroller workout - double jog stroller on pinterestingplans

Doesn’t everyone want this awkward shot of their bum posted on the internet?


Make It Fun: For Yourself and The Kids

I play music on my phone and let them throw Cheerio type cereal at me while I’m working out.  For some reason kids love the idea of abusing their parents (or maybe that’s just mine).  I tell them to aim the Cheerios at a certain body parts when I am doing an exercise and they LOVE THIS.


Occupy The Stroller Occupants

If your kids aren’t in the mood bring along snacks or hand held games to keep them occupied and prevent whining for that 20-30 minutes of “me time”.  I have sat through several boring karate classes watching my son so he can return the favor :).  I also try to engage my kids in certain exercises.   Below you will see we were doing high fives at the top of each ab crunch.

 stroller workout - pinterestingplans doing crunches with her kids


stroller workout - screen time for kids on pinteresting plans

Stroller Workout:

This is something I can do in under 20 minutes.   Modify the exercises and sprints to your ability and time constraints.

 Stroller Workout from pinterestingplans


If you don’t have two kids and just need a single stroller this City Mini Jogger Travel System is currently 15% off at Macy’s through August 11th.   That stroller is very similar to the set-up I used when my first son was born and I found it to be easy and practical for my lifestyle.

If you’re looking for other quick workout ideas I shared a 30 minute treadmill workout at the bottom of this post.

I’d love to hear from other moms how they’re managing to sneak in a work-out.   I’m not one to wake up any earlier than I have to so spare me the guilt if you’re a real go-getter ;).


Thank you to Macy’s for sponsoring this post.

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  • Sharon
    August 7, 2017 at 12:36 pm

    This is too cute and such a wonderful idea! I love it. I especially like the part where you get the kids involved. I don’t have kids but I’m taking notes for the future, thanks for sharing.

    • Rachel
      August 9, 2017 at 7:13 pm

      thank you Sharon!! 🙂

  • nicolette
    August 7, 2017 at 4:41 pm

    Love the workout. I have the same stroller as a hand me down from my SIL. I am also using the Uppa Baby Vista. I really just like single strollers lol the two are kind of bulky but I do what I have to do 🙂



    • Rachel
      August 9, 2017 at 7:13 pm

      yes!! I agree. my 4 year old is over 50 lbs and my younger one just over 30 lbs so the double stroller can be a lot to push up hill!!