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Summer Vacation Travel Capsule Wardrobe 2021

With summer just about here a lot of us are taking summer vacations. I wanted to share a vacation capsule wardrobe idea because there’s no better time to try a minimalist approach to your outfits.

I’m partnering with Express because they have everything you could want in your vacation suitcase to feel chic and confident while you travel. One particular thing that helps keep your travel carry-on only is a two piece set like this one that can be mixed and matched several ways.

Top (xs) // Skirt (xs) // Heels (tts) // Clutch // Bracelet

I’m wearing xs in the top and skirt of this gorgeous neutral set. IT IS SO GORGEOUS IN PERSON!!!  Express nailed it on this one so I doubt it will stay in stock long.


Cami (xs) // Skirt (xs) // Heels (tts) // Clutch // Bracelet // Necklace

I restyled the top with shorts (sized up one in this convertible hem pair that I love) and the skirt with a white cami. You could add a blazer over the skirt and cami to take that look into the office!

One thing I really have to be mindful of when I’m packing to travel are the shoes and bags I bring. These items take up a lot of space in my suitcase so I opt for one pair of heels and a versatile evening bag (like this neutral clutch) to pair with multiple outfits. I personally love a nude or white heel because of their ability to rewear with pants and jumpsuits as well.


Top (xs) // Shorts (sized up one) // Bag // Sandals (tts) // Hat // Bracelet

These shorts are awesome and have a convertible hem for whether you’re feeling a little more sassy or a little more classy – take the inseam up and down as you like! I went up a size in the waist.


Below you’ll see the vacation capsule wardrobe essentials I’d be packing if I were heading out of town this weekend. Depending on your destination you may want a swimsuit as well! I rounded up some long torso swim options in this post.

Hopefully this is helpful to you to simplify not only your packing but putting together elevated outfits so you can relax and enjoy making memories with your loved ones.

how to pack light for summer vacation 2021

Shop the Summer Vacation Capsule Wardrobe 2021:

Thank you to Express for sponsoring today’s post.

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