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The Best Sunglasses for Every Face Shape

We took some time to find our favorite sunglasses from Amazon. Marissa and I both have big heads so we tend to gravitate towards similar shapes that are oversized. Anything to give us a bit more balance! We thought we would share our findings along with the best sunglasses for each face shape so you too could have some fun with our findings. We’ve been impressed by our Amazon sunglasses and love that at this price we dont have to stress about losing them to a fun beach day.

First, you’ll have to figure out which face shape you have. Here’s a little graphic to help you decide:

photo credit: ICU eyewear

We’ve broken down our favorite glasses by each shape below starting with oval face, which is the shape of my face.


The experts say, “lucky you”, if you have an oval face. That just about any shape sunglass will work unless you have strong features. I’d argue I do have a strong feature with my thick eyebrows. Because of that I like a big frame that covers them. Big eyebrows or not, here are some sunglasses that would be well suited for an oval shaped face. I have two of three of these and wear them often.

shop sunglasses for oval shaped face:

I went to grab a photo and can’t believe how long this pair has been faithful to me. They also come in a two pack with a black pair for when you might want to change it up!

Glasses above linked here


Marissa has more of a cut jawline than me but we both love a chunky style. Chunky as well as aviators and cat eye are supposed to be the shape of choice for a heart shaped face. She likes these sunglasses that also come in a two pack. They are a similar shape to mine but some more fun color options. We pulled a photo of her wearing them below.

shop sunglasses for heart shaped face:

shop Marissa’s glasses here and her mom’s glasses here


It only felt right to move on to square face since we were able to get Marissa’s mom in that photo! She’s got some fun cat eye shaped ones on that are known to be good for a square face. Round shape and aviators are also a great shape for a square face. Here are the glasses Marissa’s mom has on in the photo and we’ll drop some more recommendations below.

shop sunglasses for a square face:


Last but not least round shaped face. Is this you? For round shaped face experts recommend either a wayfarer type shape or a rounded shape. For wayfarer I think about a classic Rayban type shade. Of course we found some Amazon ones to follow suite with recommendations from above. My husband Chris has had these ones for years and I think they could work for women too! If those aren’t your style, here are some other favorites.

shop sunglasses for square face:

I hope you enjoyed this round-up and you’ll have to shoot us a DM on instagram if you decide to try any that you love!

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