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The Gift of Health!

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Healthy eating is such a building block of overall wellness I would be thrilled to receive a gift that was focused there. Cooking at home is usually a healthier option than eating out but what we cook on at home can not be overlooked. Toxic cookware can fill your healthy meal with harmful chemicals. Today I’m partnering with Our Place to share a gift idea of healthy cookware and meals. Plus, Our Place is having their BIGGEST SALE OF THE YEAR. Now until 11/28, everything is up to 30% off. They have everything you need for holiday cooking and gathering and their products make the best gifts for loved ones (or for you to get yourself). 

If you’re like me, you value healthy meals, but you also value your time and other interests so it can be tricky to keep up with meal planning, grocery shopping, and the actual cooking every week. This year I invested in a personal chef who has been coming to our house monthly and prepping 4-6 meals, each with 4-6 servings. I can freeze some of the meals to extend our feasting.


It’s really important to me that the woman who meal preps for me shops organic and uses my OUR PLACE cookware to prep the meals. I have always valued that the Always Pan doesn’t have PFOAs or PTFEs. Our Place also thoughtfully sources their products, and package them in biodegradable materials and offset their carbon footprint. Outside of that is that it’s such a space saver. I do not like clutter and the Always Pan replaces so many other kitchen items (fry pan, saute pan, steamer, skillet, saucier, saucepan, nonstick pan) in one item to store. It’s pretty enough to leave out on the range as decor (and is available in so many stylish colors)!

Check out all the fun colors they have in the Always Pan!

Our Place just introduced a few new products, one being the Cast Iron Always Pan. If you or anyone in your family is anemic (which is the case in my family), this is an amazing way to add dietary iron by doing nothing other than switching your cookware. They also released an Ovenware Set that is perfect for baking and roasting winter veggies, and again a great space saver. They stack beautifully! I had heard raving reviews on the baking sheet and I now see why!

These are all great gift ideas for the person who likes to eat healthy and right now Our Place is having an amazing holiday sale. You can find my favorites linked here!

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