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Tips for Organizing a Small Walk-in Closet

Tips to Organize A Small Walk-in Closet on Pinteresting Plans

Today I’m partnering with Etsy to share my tips for organizing a small walk-in closet.  As part of the addition we put on our house this summer/fall we added a 4th bedroom that serves as my office.   The “master” closet in our house is about the same size as this one and my husband and I were struggling to share the space.  Small walk-in closets are certainly first world problems so I am not complaining – but I did want to get organized before the New Year since I had the chance.  I prefer to keep my wardrobe streamlined so it’s easier to find something to wear when the time comes.

tips to organize a small closet - purge first on pinteresting plans fashion blog

Keeping a minimal closet has definitely been challenging since I started blogging.   Since you all are best served by in stock items, I turn over clothes at least once a month.   For a while I was hosting a charity closet sale regularly on my Facebook page but it was consuming so many hours of my week that I could not keep up.   When we started our renovation and I couldn’t get into my house on a regular basis I put it on hold.  Now I’m trying to think of a new way to pass these clothes on without it cutting into my family life so much.   Btw – if you have any ideas – please drop them in the comments.

I knew going into the New Year I wanted to make organizing my small walk-in closet a priority.   Starting the year off organized really helps clear my mind for better things.

The first step to any organization is always THE GREAT PURGE!!!

I pulled out EVERYTHING I was considering putting in my new space and tried it on.   It takes a couple hours but it’s SO HELPFUL.   If you are on the fence consider a few things.

  • When is the last time you wore that item?
  • Would you want to bump into someone you know wearing that item?
  • Is there a sentimental reason you’re holding onto the piece?

The more you get rid of the more you’ll be able to spot the items you actually love within your closet!

Brainstorm what your needs are.

organizing a small closet - divide sections into wardrobe catagories on pinteresting plans blog

After seeing what you want to keep, what type of space do you need?   Do you have a lot of dresses (which need a higher rod to hang from than shirts)?   I personally only have a few dresses so this isn’t a high priority area of my closet.   In fact – going into this I had my dresses tucked into the back of my 3 year old’s closet.

I prioritize sweaters and shoes.    One of my goals in this process was to get rid of a lot of sweaters because they’re so bulky, and streamline my denim collection.    My statement earrings were also getting a little out of control so that was another area I wanted to tame down.

Pick the Tools to Organize your Space

closet organization for small walk in closets on pinteresting plans fashion blog

As I mentioned, two problem areas for me were sweaters and jewelry.   I’m saving my shoe organization for next month because I can only get so much done without compromising my family time around the holidays.  I wanted a simple closet organization system I could build off of and I found the perfect one on Etsy!   Etsy is somewhere I normally go for all my gifting, so I wasn’t expecting to fulfill my closet needs on their site.

I also found a handmade wall jewelry organizer on Etsy (more below).   Again – this was a huge area where I needed to first purge.   I love some trendy pieces, but I don’t need them taking over the valuable space in my closet, so I got rid of a LOT of gaudy statement jewelry that took up a lot of space.

Like the jewelry organizer, this closet organization system comes in a couple wood finishes so you can make it fit the look of your home.  I’ve become such a fan of natural wood lately, but I also love all white closets.

What are your problem areas?

tips to organize a small walk-in closet - fold sweaters - pinteresting plans connecticut lifestyle blog

organizing a small closet - divide sections into wardrobe catagories on pinteresting plans blog

As I mentioned above, my sweaters were piling up and take up a ton of space – I needed shelves.   Sweaters stretch out on hangers so I prefer to fold mine.   My shoe “problem” is problematic enough that I’m waiting to tackle shoe organization in January.   Is that something you’d be interested in seeing?

I was surprised to find how many camisoles I had collected and how much I needed to thin out my white henley collection.   You’ll probably be surprised where you have built up excess too.

Make sure you implement specific storage solutions for your problem areas.  I decided I just didn’t need to hold on to so many items, so much of my “problem” was solved by making a booming giveaway pile.

Don’t forget to purge accessories!

how to organize jewelry - tips to organize a small walk-in closet

Scarves, hats, and jewelry can add up quickly because they aren’t things you outgrow or that deteriorate in the washing machine.  Scarves hang well from multi level pant hangers.   I grabbed this wall mounted jewelry display so I can keep my jewelry in sight when I’m outfit planning.  This jewelry organizer comes in tons of finish options (I went for unstained with a satin finish) so it would coordinate with my closet organizer.

Mounting the jewelry organizer was a good opportunity to sort through a LOT of statement jewelry I was hoarding.   I don’t wear statement pieces often, so I certainly don’t need 4 dozen pairs of statement earrings.    By passing some on, I have more space to visualize the ones I actually enjoy wearing.   I also keep a small container in my bathroom that holds my everyday jewelry (about 6 pieces I wear on an everyday basis).

If the jewelry organizer I purchased doesn’t suit your exact needs Etsy carries THOUSANDS of other handmade jewelry organizers you can browse through.  Speaking of everyday jewelry, I should mention that a few of my pieces came from Etsy!!   One of my favorite everyday pieces is this initial necklace and above you can also see my statement beaded necklace and leopard earrings from the ICraveJewels shop that have been really popular with Pinteresting Plans readers.

You can PIN the image below if you think you might want to revisit these tips in the future!

Tips to Organize A Small Walk-in Closet on Pinteresting Plans

You can find almost anything on Etsy and I love supporting small businesses.   Shop this post below:

So tell me guys!!  Are you trying to get better organized in 2019?   I also want to figure out a better system for mail and school papers which tend to collect on my kitchen counter.   I’d love to hear what is working for you!   Drop a comment below and thanks as always for stopping by!!!

Thank you to Etsy and ShopStyle for sponsoring this post.

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  • Karrie Pascente Marino
    December 12, 2018 at 4:24 pm

    I love how organized, bright and clean your closet is!! Thank you for the suggestions on how to purge. You’re spot on too many clothes makes it difficult to actually see what we have to wear. I have basic work clothes I haven’t worn in a couple of years. I need to purge a lot that I think “maybe I’ll wear this” usually they never get worn and take up space! Again, thank you Rachel your blogs are truly inspirational to me!

    • Rachel
      December 13, 2018 at 8:02 pm

      thank you so much Karrie! have a happy holiday season!

  • Rachel
    December 20, 2018 at 2:15 am

    Well I am moving in to a new house a few states away in January so this post is very relevant to me! I currently have almost no closet space – my husband has even more clothing than I do and we live in a home with tin7 1950’s closets! Our new house has a nice big closet – not a walk in, but way more than we have now so I’m excited to organize it. In preparation for the move, I’ve already pared down my wardrobe a lot. However, I’m moving from CA to CO so I’ll need to buy seasonal clothing when I get there. So I imagine I’ll fill it back up soon! 😀

    • Rachel
      December 20, 2018 at 3:12 am

      congrats on the move and the biggest closet. that’s exciting!!! definitely passing on the items you don’t wear is the first and best way to get organized. good luck with everything!!

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