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My Best Tip To Do Life Well

tips for doing life well and abercrombie spring fashion favorites - white button front top - pinteresting plans connecticut fashion blog

Today’s post is in collaboration with Abercrombie around their spring campaign to “Do Life in Abercrombie”. So along the lines of doing life – I’d share one of my favorite tips to do life well.

If you haven’t shopped at Abercrombie in a while it’s one of my favorite places to grab my basic wardrobe staples. In particular I am always raving about their denim. I find the fit of their jeans and shorts to be very flattering and they hold up well for YEARS. Today I’m sharing a few closet staples I grabbed for the warmer days ahead.

You may recognize these high waisted denim shorts from last year. The wash I’m wearing, ripped medium, was so popular it sold out in almost every size last year. I size up one in these shorts (wearing size 27) and I love that they don’t cause a muffin top because they’re high waisted.

High waisted shorts also means that tops like this everyday tie front white top (wearing XS) don’t show my midriff. While the top is shorter when it’s tied – it can be untied and worn like a basic short sleeve button down which you will see below.

pinteresting plans fashion blog with tips for living life well and abercrombie spring fashion favorites
paperbag waist shorts and tips for living life well on pinteresting plans blog

Here is the same white top I was wearing with a front tie in the first outfit, restyled with another pair of my favorite belted high waisted shorts. I’m a size 2 in skinny jeans wearing the size XS here. I wonder if the small might have fit better, but I love them so much I’m not going to exchange. Just know that these fit a tad snug on me in the XS.

spring fashion must haves and tips for living life well on pinteresting plans connecticut fashion blog
tips for living life well and the best abercrombie shorts for spring - pinteresting plans blog
 tips for doing life well - abercrombie spring fashion must haves on pinteresting plans connecticut fashion blog
tips for doing life well - pinteresting plans fashion blog shares abercrombie spring favorites

For those of you who may not be a fan of high waisted shorts, I also grabbed a new pair of low waisted denim shorts from Abercrombie. Again – I’d recommend sizing up. I’m wearing the ripped super light wash above. I paired the shorts with some of my new favorite everyday staples – this button front cami (wearing XS) and boyfriend cardigan (wearing XS).

This last outfit is the type of thing I wear everyday when it’s warm. A cardigan for layering (even when it’s hot I get cold in the air conditioning) and any comfy sandal or sneaker pairs well.


STOP saying “I don’t have time to….”.

  • I don’t have time to workout…
  • I don’t have time to cook dinner…
  • I don’t have time to help my kid with their homework…
  • I don’t have time to take a vacation…

INSTEAD, say “I’m not making it a priority to….”

This ONE change can shift your priorities so much. What’s filling your time that’s making it so you can’t help your son with his homework? Because in 10 years will you be glad you were sitting on your looking at strangers on Instagram or will you be glad you invested in your child? Was your 60 hour work week with the added income? There’s so much to consider these decisions can be heavy and keep me up thinking many nights.

Making one’s health a priority (or not) has such lasting effects. We are all given just one body to stay in our entire time here on earth. I stay active and exercise, but I am not a gym rat. I try to stay on top of keeping healthy food in the house for myself and my family. I dread making a grocery list so sometimes we will order from a local company that delivers pre-made healthy dinners to keep health a priority when time seems tight.

What do you prioritize?

I’m in the process of getting better at saying “NO” to things. Above all else I prioritize time with my family. When I was growing up my parents both worked full time and I always craved more time at home with them. I work late into the night so that when my kids get home from school I can usually take a break to be outside or go somewhere with them.

I find travel and attending events often ends up being something I regret because I miss out on things with my family. In the blink of an eye my babies have become kids and missing those moments usually gives me even more FOMO than missing a beach vacation with girlfriends.

Shop My Abercrombie Outfit Pieces Show Above:

For my fellow tall gals (I’m 5’11”) Abercrombie also offers a lot of their rompers and jumpsuits in TALL SIZES!!! Say goodbye to the camel toe!

I wanted to include a few Abercrombie pieces on my current wishlist as well:

Thank you so much for stopping by. I’m doing a rare travel stint later this week. I’m heading to the RewardStyle conference on Thursday. I mentioned above I say “no” to many opportunities because I don’t want to miss my family, but this is one I felt was worth it! I’m actually a SPEAKER!!! EEEK – pinch me – they consider me an “expert in the business”.

Beyond all the educational benefits and networking the RewardStyle conference involves, I’m looking forward to seeing all the friends I’ve been blessed to make through this blogging journey. Bottom line, blog posts will be sparse while I’m away.

Thank you to Abercrombie for sponsoring this post.

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  • Gary Melican
    April 7, 2019 at 3:57 pm

    Love your advice here.

    Warren Buffett made a great point when he said “I can buy anything I want, basically, but I can’t buy time.”

    Give your time the value it deserves!

    Gary |

    • Rachel
      April 25, 2019 at 12:33 pm

      Said with such wisdom!!!