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Top Toys for Boys (and Men) | Holiday 2017

Top Toys For Boys Holiday gifting 2017

 Top Toys For Boys Holiday gifting 2017

For those of you who like to check your holiday gifting off early – I’m sharing a post with my top toys for boys of all ages in collaboration with Walmart.

Top Toys for Boys

I live with 3 boys so I’m pretty familiar with the likes of a 30 something man and toddler boys.  I actually recruited my teenage neighbor for what I felt was the hardest age group to shop for – the teens.   He’s one of the few teens I NEVER see with his face in a screen so I thought he could be a good resource.

I don’t live too close to a Walmart so I hadn’t been to one since buying my son’s bike.   While we were recently in Rhode Island (when our floors were being refinished) we went to Walmart to grab some toiletries and towels.    I couldn’t believe the toy department.   The selection and prices were unmatched.  My kids were in heaven!!  If you’re shopping for toys or gadgets for guys Walmart has the best selection and prices (and free 2 day shipping on most items).

I am breaking down gift ideas by age group to make things more organized.

Top Toys for Boys: Pre-school Age

My little guys (and all the other little guys I know LOVE Paw Patrol.   So any Paw Patrol gifts would be a hit with the under 5 age group that I roll with.  The Peg Perego ride on gator is an investment gift but my kids have a vehicle from this brand that is 15 years old!   Another family (whose kids are now graduating high school) passed down their Peg Perego quad and it still works perfectly!   So while the gift is expensive, if it’s in your budget, they do provide years of entertainment.

If you have a real little one you’re shopping for I have two tried and true top toys for boys under 2 that will last through the preschool years:

One of the toys I already grabbed for my 2 year old is this garbage truck toy (it sucks up small toys) and some bath crayons.  Bath toys help pass the long, cold evenings of Winter.

Top Toys for Boys: Elementary Age

Unfortunately this is the age where screens become a most requested item.   That is something I am trying to avoid.  This buildable, all-terrain robot has great reviews and this trampoline and arcade basketball set are both under $100!

Top Gifts for Boys: Teens

Again there’s a screen issue.   I wanted to suggest gifts other than iPhones or video gaming systems.   When I was a teen I used to like to “camp-out” in my yard with friends so a tent might be fun for some teens.  If you know a teen into healthy living perhaps they’d like work-out equipment or an air fryer.   Have you ever eaten anything prepared in an air fryer?   The reviews are so good but I personally haven’t tried one yet so I’m very curious.  I live nextdoor to 3 teens who love to cook and I was the same way (back then).  My neighbor also suggested sneakers but I’m not quite familiar with teenage boy style 🙂

Top Gifts for Boys: Adult(ish)

Grillin’ and chillin’.   That was my theme for the most part.  My husband loves many things but he really likes to grill (and roast smores) outside.   I love that this grill can be used indoors or out with SO MUCH LESS MESS.   There’s also a smoker and a TV that’s marked down over $1000!!!!  If you are shopping for a man who likes to build I see tools are always popular in holiday circulars.   I personally have not purchased a tool as a gift but Walmart sure does carry a lot!

You can shop any of the gifts below by clicking over the item you’re interested in:

What age group are you shopping for?  If you have any great suggestions please drop them below – we would all appreciate more insight!   Guys are hard to shop for.

For more holiday shopping make sure to stop by my HOLIDAY SHOP where I’ll be posting all sorts of gifting and holiday outfit ideas.

Thank you to Walmart for sponsoring this post.

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  • Sharon
    November 6, 2017 at 12:48 pm

    Why is it so easy to shop for boys but so hard to shop for men? These are great picks, thank you!

    • Rachel
      November 7, 2017 at 2:43 am

      right?!!? I totally agree but I don’t have any answers. Thanks Sharon!!