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Unique Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Unique Father's Day Gift Ideas

I made my husband text several of his friends and brothers to help me come up with a list of unique Father’s Day gift ideas.  Whether the Dad if your life likes gadgets, clothes, sappy gifts, sports, of coffee – I am sharing lots of ideas.   I linked the exact items in the collage and am including more unique Father’s Day gift ideas below it as well.Unique Father's Day Gift Ideas

1. Monogramed Cooler and Tailgating Grill  2. Grill Master Multi-Tool  3. Vintage Baseball Tee  4.  RayBan Clubmaster Sunglasses  5. Camo Accent Henley  6. Vineyard Vines Patriotic Pullover  7. Wireless Headphones  8. I-phone Charging Bracelet  9. Wireless Bluetooth Speaker  10.  Cold Brew Coffee Maker  11. Cordless Milk Frother  12. Monogramed Copper Pour-Over Coffee Maker

My husband is a tech lover.   He said hands down – above all the other items, the wireless, portable, blue-tooth speaker was the MUST HAVE Father’s Day gift.   He uses his speaker all the time in his gym.  Side note, I park outside every night because my 2 car garage was converted into my husband’s personal Crossfit gym.

I personally am a coffee lover and grabbed this cold-brew coffee maker for a great price.  I love iced coffee in the Summer and this supposedly removes the oil and bitter taste that comes with a hot brew.  Perhaps I will wait to open the box until Father’s Day and call it a gift to my husband rather than for myself.

If the dad is your life likes to dress sharp these “Don Draper Sunglasses” are a favorite of both my husband and my brother.   If the father you’re shopping for prefers sports I love these Vintage sports tees (though the team options are slightly limited).

For the sappy dad I love these foil embossed pictures of a child’s artwork.   It’s a unique way to hand onto a special art project Dad might be very fond of.   I also love these personalized leather bracelets.  We got one for my brother that said “Move Home Uncle Pete” because we are constantly on him to move back to Connecticut from Texas.

My husband swears by this athlete recovery sleepwear.   It’s these pajamas hyped by Tom Brady that supposedly help your body recover more efficiently after intense workouts.   I have a pair myself but since I workout rigorously only 1-2 days a week I haven’t had much time to make an accurate judgement whether I think they do what they claim.

What other unique Father’s Day gift ideas do you have?  My husband is so hard to shop for so I’d love to hear some of your ideas (to put in my back pocket for Christmas).

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