Victoria Emerson X Pinteresting Plans

It’s no secret I have been a huge fan of Victoria Emerson for years. I love the versatile pieces and how just one piece of their jewelry can elevate an outfit. So when they asked me to create a collection with them it was a no brainer, especially knowing how much you gals love their pieces too!

Many of you know my family loves the coast. From CT to FL, we have always felt at home near the ocean. So much so that we moved to the Gulf Coast just over a year ago. From its natural textures to its neutral colors and pops of coastal blue, my fashion and home have always embodied a coastal vibe. I had so much fun taking my inspiration and creating a coastal collection with the Victoria Emerson team.

I am so excited to share the collection with you so you too can embody a little piece of my paradise. Below you will find pictures and links to all of my pieces!

Below is a look of all the pieces together

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