Why I Switched to the Billie Razor

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Why I Switched to the Billie Razor | Billie Razor Review

I don’t know about you all, but for so many years I’ve just been using the same drugstore razors. It’s funny because I put a lot of thought and testing into so many other products I use for my skin like how to remove cellulite or the best undereye concealers, and then I just grab any old razor off the pharmacy shelf. Today I’m partnering with Billie to share why I recently made the switch to their razors.

If you’ve been following along you know I’m blessed with lots of dark hair (except in areas I want it like on my eyebrows and scalp where it’s shedding like crazy). I’m currently in the process of getting laser hair removal on my lip and chin and wrote an entire post about how I shave my face.

So, when I got a chance to try out Billie, I was intrigued because I’ve heard so much hype on the internet. Can a razor REALLY be improved on?

Billie Razor Review | Beauty Blog in Connecticut
Why I Switched to the Billie Razor | Beauty Blog

Billie Razor – What is it?

So I got the Starter Kit to try out. It comes with a razor base and handle, magic holder (it’s magnetic and super convenient!), and two 5-blade razor cartridges. I also got the shave cream and body wash. The products smell like citrus! So light and fruity which I love.

You can set your preferences to a subscription-based service for new cartridges based on how often you shave. This is good for those of us who are prone to forget to switch razors. Dull, overused razors have lead to many ingrown leg hairs for me. Yuck.

The Billie razor claims to be specially designed to offer a super close shave without being harsh on your skin. The blades themselves are framed in charcoal shave soap and are totally toxin-free. The shave cream and body wash are also free of toxins. No paraben, sulfates, synthetic fragrances, or animal testing. While my beauty cabinet certainly isn’t 100% “clean” I really do try to look for products that avoid the bad stuff as much as possible.

Lastly, let’s talk THE PRICE. For a razor that claims to be the best out there, you’d think it’d be wildly overpriced with a shave cream that has a huge markup, right? Nope. Turns out you’re probably spending more getting those same old, haven’t-been-updated-in-years razors at the pharmacy. The starter kit is only $9, four-packs of cartridges are only $9, and the shave cream is only $8! Did I mention the shipping is free?

CT Lifestyle Blogger - Why I Switched to the Billie Razor

My Thoughts on Billie

Obviously, I love the price point and the convience of this brand. And, I love that it’s ethical. But, DOES IT WORK? Because I don’t want to be running around with poorly shaved legs.

Honestly, I think these razors give me the best shave! The razor + the shave cream left my skin SO soft and smooth and I haven’t nicked myself once using this…even with brand new blades.

Billie Razor Review by Pinteresting Plans

Signing Up Billie

As I mentioned, you get started with Billie by getting their $9 Starter Kit (razor handle, magnetic razor holder, and two razor cartridges). Then, they will send you four replacement cartridges as often you need them for $9 (with totally FREE shipping). And, you can add any extra products onto your order like their $8 shave cream or $12 lotion. You can get started by ordering your starter kit here.

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This post was created in collaboration with Billie. All opinions are my own.

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