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Why You Need High-Waisted Utility Shorts In Your Wardrobe This Summer

Lately, I’ve been IN LOVE with high-waisted utility shorts. I know they are going to be a huge staple for me this summer.

I’ve have had a lot of questions about the utility shorts I’ve been wearing and tips for how to wear them. So, I thought I’d round up some reason you NEED a pair of these shorts in your closet this summer. Then, I’m sharing a few tips for buying and wearing these shorts. And, of course, sharing the pairs I’ve been wearing!

Three Reasons You'll LOVE High-Waisted Utility Shorts

Three Reasons You’ll LOVE High-Waisted Utility Shorts:

Easy Alternative to Skirts
High-waisted utility shorts are amazing alternatives to skirts. I love that they give the look and feel of a skirt, but allow you to maintain more modest crotch coverage (perfect for busy moms)! You don’t need to worry about a gust of wind or being overly cautious when getting out of your car. These shorts have you covered!

Insanely flattering
Utility shorts are flattering for a couple of reasons. Firstly, they are loose around legs which means you don’t have to worry about them pinching your skin and giving a reverse muffin top effect on your leg. Next, the high-waisted style hit you right at your natural waistline which is the most narrow part of your body.  This gives a slimming effect even with a baggier short. Lastly, the tie in the front of almost all utility shorts is the perfect distraction to hide the dreaded mom pooch.   Is it even a mom pooch?   I might be blaming my dietary indiscretions on my children.

Mega Comfortable
These shorts give you plenty of space which means they are extremely comfortable. You have plenty of room to move about without worrying about squeezing or pinching. And, like I mentioned above, because they are shorts they give you all the coverage you might need so you can feel comfortable whether your chasing your kids at the playground, walking up stairs, loading the car, or sipping wine (ok…maybe sipping wine isn’t that risky of business, but hey what can I say, they look good with wine in hand, too!).

Why You Need High-Waisted Utility Shorts In Your Wardrobe This Summer

Three Tips For Finding Your Perfect Pair of High-Waisted Utility Shorts:

Pair with a tighter top
While there are plenty of times you might shy away from at tighter fitting tank, these shorts are the perfect thing to pair with snug-fitting tops. The shorts come up high enough to cover those tummy problem areas we’re usually trying to hide. And, a tighter top will balance out the baggy fabric of the shorts so you look chic, not frumpy.

Consider sizing up
These shorts are supposed to be loose. They shouldn’t be too tight around your legs or hips. Consider sizing up one size if you’re between sizing to get that more relaxed look that you want to achieve from this style short.

Dress them up or dress them down.
These shorts are insanely versatile thanks to their fabric. You can easily pair these shorts with a pair of sneakers or dress them up with a pair of strappy heels. Or, pair then with a basic tee or throw them on satin cami.

Why You Need High-Waisted Utility Shorts In Your Wardrobe This Summer

So, what do you ladies say? Have I convinced you?

Trust me, if you haven’t gotten on the high-waisted utility short bandwagon yet, you’re going to LOVE them. Sort of like potato chips (or glasses of wine) you can’t really have just one. They are figure flatter, super comfortable, and SO versatile!

My high-waisted utility shorts picks

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  • Kate
    May 22, 2018 at 9:07 pm

    So funny – I am always a holdout for new styles (I just bought my first striped t-shirt last week), so I feel like you wrote this just for me. 🙂 I wasn’t going anywhere near these shorts until you mentioned that they wear like a shirt and are roomier on legs. Thanks for writing for us style hold-outs and helping us keep up with the trends!

    • Rachel
      May 25, 2018 at 2:11 am

      your first striped tee shirt?! oh boy!!! you put a smile on my face. thanks Kate!!

  • Kate
    May 22, 2018 at 9:09 pm

    ugh – wear like a skirt, not a shirt

    • Rachel
      May 24, 2018 at 2:37 am


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