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Window Treatments For Wide Sliding Glass Doors

sliding patio door window treatments

Hoping to help some of you in the same design dilemma we were in! The house we are renting, which was new construction, had 216″ wide sliding glass porch doors. The home backs up to several neighbors’ yards so we wanted to install window treatments for some evening privacy. Owned by an out of state investor, the home owner gave me a $3,000 budget to install window treatments throughout the house.

With custom window treatments EASILY costing 10’s of thousands of dollars I was lucky to have had experience ordering my own custom window treatments online for several homes we have lived in or renovated.

You can see from our recent short term rental renovation, I lean towards these woven wood shades most often. I have used the “capri ivory” color option most often. This wide sliding glass doors were not ideal for that type of pull down shade.

Since I had a budget in mind I narrowed in on a few looks and ran some numbers. These solar roller shades were budget friendly and blended into the room when not it use. It was important to me to keep the look fairly design neutral since this home is a rental.

I ordered samples and loved the 1% Palermo Linen (the lower percent let’s less light through). I upgraded to motorized shades for just over $200. The remote to open the blinds is attached to the wall next to the light switch.

There is privacy in the evening when looking from outside in, but the shades are just transparent enough (more so in photos) that we can see out of them a bit when we use them to block some sun.

While I do the measuring, Chris does the install. He got these up very quickly. These two things alone save our landlord thousands of dollars (or allowed us to have a quality window treatment within an investor’s budget). The total cost for the blinds was $744.

Below is a screenshot of the selections from my order:

The website allows you to order free samples of materials if you want to see the color/texture in your own home!

sliding patio door window treatments

Hope this helped you if you’re stuck on how to get privacy with a sliding glass patio door.

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  • Laura Moyer
    October 22, 2022 at 8:38 am

    Hi Rachel,
    Thank you for sharing! I have a similar door and have been looking for so long! I was wondering 2 things….
    The site says to allow 2 extra inches on each side of the panel. if two panels are being used, how much extra did you allow on the inside sides that met in the middle? Also about the remote each panel comes with a 1 channel remote. Can both panels be operated from one remote? They offer a 6 channel option? I’m wondering which one to get?

    • Rachel
      October 31, 2022 at 7:07 am

      Hi Laura!!
      I ordered the standard remote and the two shades operate on the same remote. We have them set up to rise and fall together.
      I ordered the maximum width 96″ width which did not account for quite the 2″ they recommended but that was the largest size available and was JUST enough to cover my space. I had planned to order 98″ according to their instructions but they cap the width at 96″ and it ended up being fine in my space.
      hope that helps!!

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