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Winter Home Decor – Tips For Transitioning Holiday Decor To Winter Decor

winter home decor - layer neutral living room decor on pinteresting plans blog

Since we put up our holiday decorations on November 1st I am ready to regain that space by December 26th.  I thought it might be helpful to share some tips for transitioning your home from holiday decor to winter home decor.

Winter Home Decor

Do you decorate your home for each season?   There are perks to each season, but winter is my least favorite.  That said – it’s when I spend the most time inside so I want to make my home feel cozy and seasonal.

I am clearly NOT an interior designer and I don’t have that much decor – but we all have to start somewhere.  I wasn’t a homebody until the last couple years so this is my first go at decorating.   Practice makes perfect!

Undecorating the Holiday Decor

Coming off the holidays I regain a lot of negative space.  By February I am itching for signs of spring and I start adding some blush and more flowers to play mental games that it is not actually going to stay freezing for another 2-3 months in Connecticut….which it will.

Here are 5 simples tips I used to transition my holiday decor to winter home decor.  Since there is a lot of overlap between my holiday and winter decor it makes for much less work – YAY!

    • Remove the red

       winter home decor - dining room table winter home decor - simple winter tablescape winter home decor in the mudroom on pinteresting plans blog

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    • Perhaps you like red – I am not a red person.  I love it for holiday decorating but then I take it down.  I leave up my greens – eucalyptus and pine still abound in my winter home decor but I took down the red berry wreath, candy cane garland, and hurricane glasses filled with faux cranberries.
  • Cozy up the fireplace winter fireplace home decor on pinteresting plans blog

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    • We use our fireplace all the time in the winter so it’s definitely a focal point in our house.   It can feel quite bare after the stockings and garland come down, but I embrace the simplicity and added some textured vases, logs, and pretty candles.  I wish we didn’t have a huge black TV hanging above our fireplace, but that was a battle I couldn’t fight with my husband.   I’m curious if any of you have those framed TV’s that look like pieces of art when you’re not watching them?   They sound like a good compromise.
  • Layer cozy textures  winter home decor - layer neutral living room decor on pinteresting plans blog

    • I have a lot of Christmas pillows so once I put those away my sofas look lacking.   I love winter white so I layer textured white pillows that look cozy and inviting.   I wish I could say I’m outdoorsy in the winter, but on the couch with blankets and pillows is where you’re likely to find me.


  • Bring nature inside  winter home decor in the kitchen - large wood tray on kitchen island on pinteresting plans lifestyle blog winter home decor in the kitchen - evergreen branches in wood dough bowl

    • While I don’t have year round hydrangea bushes, I do have lots of evergreen in the yard.    Utilize things you can gather around your yard or on a walk as home decor.  Pine branches are free and smell and look great as winter home decor.


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